Spartak is dissatisfied with the defeat by Lokomotiv

As always, after the Moscow derbies, or the games between the leaders of the Russian Championship standings, scandals are thundering. This time Spartak is dissatisfied with the actions of the judge. But these are trifles. The scandal associated with the appearance of Sukhina before the match in the referee's room sounds louder. Is it so? What threatens Lokomotiv? Reaction of the RFU, FTC and the Premier League of the Russian Federation.

Why did Sukhin, the head of Lokomotiv, go to the referee's room before the start of the match?

Anton Fetisov, the head of the public relations department of Spartak, said that Sukhin went into the referee's room before the start of the Lokomotiv - Spartak match. He did not stay there for long, but the fact remains. This visit was recorded by a surveillance camera. The recording itself was published on Spartak's YouTube channel.

Fetisov said that the chief judge grossly violated the disciplinary code of the arbitrator. In particular, Kirill Levnikov was obliged to take measures to prevent such a situation. He had to react to the appearance of Sukhina in the referees' room. In particular, Levnikov was ordered to inform the delegate about all such cases. He is obliged to prevent any action before, during or after the match that could have an indirect or direct impact on the refereeing panels.

The management of Spartak claims that the referee violated the articles of the disciplinary code and the rules of the regulations of the Russian Football Championship. Accordingly, the FTC, the RFU and the leadership of the Premier League are obliged to accept Spatrak's appeal for consideration. In addition, it is necessary to correctly qualify the actions (or inaction) of the chief arbiter. In relation to him, you need to apply disciplinary measures of responsibility. Up to disqualification and penalties.

Reaction of the Russian Football Union and the Premier League

Ashot Khachaturyants, chairman of the RFU referee committee, said that the FTC is ready to consider the complaint of the Spartak leadership. In particular, he pointed out that at the moment no person who has nothing to do with refereeing can enter the referees' room either before, during or after the match. If the facts of violation were recorded by at least one surveillance camera, then the episode will be considered and an appropriate assessment made. But in order for the FTC to consider the situation, an official appeal from the club is necessary.

Artur Grigoryants, the chairman of the FTC, indicated that the corresponding appeal from Spartak was received, registered and included in the agenda. It will be reviewed and evaluated.

The RPL indicated that clause "D", article 7.6 of the regulations of the Premier League states that the organizer of the meeting is obliged to prevent any attempts by third parties to get into the referee's room. Only persons directly involved in the service of the match can be in this room. In particular, all referees, VAR specialist, delegate, inspector and match commissioner. In addition, Dmitry Zelenov, the RPL press attaché, indicated that the delegate of the match did not receive information about unauthorized persons who were allegedly in the referee's room before the match. All video materials provided by Spartak will be submitted to the FTC for review and assessment.

How can this scandal end?

If it is proved that Sukhin did visit the referee's room before the match, then this is a direct violation of Art. 118 and 119 of the disciplinary regulations of the Premier League. That is, direct or indirect pressure on the judging panel. In this regard, Lokomotiv may be awarded a technical defeat, with a score of 0 - 3. Sukhin may be disqualified and sentenced to a lifetime ban from engaging in any activities related to football.

Additional claims of Spartacus

Red-and-white turned to the ESC RFU with claims to the quality of refereeing. In particular, at the 44th minute of the meeting, Silyanov played in the leg of Promes in Loko's penalty area. At 57 and 87 minutes of the meeting, Pablo and Silyanov, respectively, played with their hands in their own penalty area. Accordingly, Levnikov had to assign 11-meter shots to the goal of Lokomotiv. But violations were not recorded.

Yes, no face should enter the referee's office. It is a fact. But, each team not only must, but must, prove their superiority not in the offices, but on the football field. We constantly encounter referee errors. But they are nothing more than one of the factors of a football match. If robots are judged, then football will turn into a ballet, where a penalty will be awarded for the wrong look at the opponent. Sukhin needs to be punished. The match can be replayed. Including on a neutral field. It is possible in St. Petersburg. Let the players sort things out on the football field.