Euro2020 match: Portugal - Germany

The fight in the "death" group (F) continues. In the second round of the Euro2020 group stage, the contenders for the title of the best team in Europe met: Portugal and Germany. Portugal won the first match against Hungary. Germany failed its opposition to France. Now the Germans cannot lose, from the word "absolutely". But will the German defense be able to contain the attacking fervor of Portugal?

Bookmakers quotes for Euro2020 match: Portugal - Germany

P1: 3.38

P2: 2.41

X: 3.44

TM2.5: 1.86

TB2.5: 2.15

Euro2020 match review: Portugal - Germany

Germany must win. They need to neutralize Ronaldo, not let the Portuguese excel and score themselves. Moreover, preferably as much as possible!

Euro2020 first half review: Portugal - Germany

During the first 5 minutes Germany showed that CT will be the master on the field. The Portuguese could not even cross the center of the field. The first shot on target of Portugal came in the 10th minute. Havertz punched. At the 14th minute, Müller already hits the target. R. Patricio coped with the solid blow.

At the 15th minute of the match, Portugal flies off to counter. Jota shoots, Neuer catches the ball in the fall, but Ronaldo was the first on the ball. He scores into an empty net. This is his 3 goal in 2 matches. The Portuguese took the lead: 1 - 0.

The Germans found themselves in a very difficult situation. Now they need to score at least 2, not letting them into their own goal.

The Germans took control of the ball. On the 18th minute, Robin Gonsens shoots on target. The Portuguese responded to this attack with strikes by Dias (23rd) and Joty (28th). But the ball doesn't go on target. The Germans are in control of the ball, but without much aggression.

But on the 35th minute the match turned upside down. Dias was active in defense and was able to record his own goal. Although Havertz worked to the end and made the Portuguese make a mistake. The Germans compare the score. They continued the onslaught. At the 39th minute, another sharp attack was organized. This time, Rafael Guerreira is distinguished by an own goal. The score becomes: 1 - 2. In favor of the "German car".

On 42 minutes Rudiger shoots wide of the goal. On the 44th Robin Gosens shoots on target. The goalkeeper copes with the blow. The arbiter adds three minutes. At 45 + 3 minutes, Gnabry entered the Portuguese penalty area and shoots on target. Patricio is pulling this punch. First half result: 1 - 2.

Euro2020 second half review: Portugal - Germany

The Germans started the second half no less actively than the first. On 51 minutes Havertz runs out from behind the defenders and scores his goal. The score becomes: 1 - 3. At 54 minutes, Ronaldo shoots from a free kick over the crossbar. Moreover, much higher than the gate.

In the 60th minute, the Germans brought the score to a devastating one. Gosens scores a goal. He took part in the first three, now it's time to score himself. Germany leads in the score: 1 - 4.

But Portugal is not going to give up. On the 64th minute, after filing into the penalty area, Ronaldo throws the ball into the goalkeeper's room and Zhota scores. The score becomes: 2 - 4. The match becomes the most productive at Euro2020.

The Portuguese tried to increase the pressure on the gates of the Germans. But nothing worked. The Germans skillfully played on the defensive and quickly fled to counterattack. At the 79th minute, Renato Sanches kicks straight into the rack.

The Germans turned on their favorite ball control. The Portuguese were left without a game projectile. When the ball was lost, the Germans turned on the pressure and returned it to themselves. At the 83rd minute, the Germans organized a dangerous counterattack. Goretzka could have given the pass, but decided to break it himself. The ball flew past the goal.

At the end of normal time, the Portuguese tried to deliver the ball into the German penalty area with canopies. But all the moments were read by the defense. The arbiter added 4 minutes to the regular time. The Portuguese did not succeed in the current assault. Result of the match of the 2nd round of the group stage of Euro2020: 2 - 4.

Germany is gaining 3 points. They are compared in all respects with the Portuguese. The teams have 3 points each and +1 goal each, according to the amount of goals scored / conceded. But thanks to the victory in the meeting point, Germany comes out on the second place. The fate of reaching the playoffs will be decided in the 3rd round. Portugal will play against France, which in the 2nd match could not beat Hungary. Germany will test Hungary. Apparently, the Germans, who started with a defeat, can leave the group from the 1st place. The main thing is to win a landslide victory in the last match.