In the first round of Euro2020, Scotland played with the Czech Republic at home. Both teams preach aggressive, attacking football. At the same time, not everything is reliable in their defense. Almost equal results were reflected in the bookmaker's quotes. Scotland win: 2.81. Czech win: 2.99. Draw: 3.0. Despite the fact that the teams play effectively, the Bookmakers considered that the match would be grassroots. On TB2.5: 2.77.

Euro2020 match review: Scotland - Czech Republic

Apparently, the guys will play attacking football. They don't want to sit back on the defensive. Moreover, the first, starting points in the group are very important. We are looking forward to a beautiful and goal-oriented game.

Euro2020 first half review: Scotland - Czech Republic

The teams started the game quite actively. The Czechs offered high pressure. But the first half moment appeared in Scotland. McGinn shot towards the goal. But due to the rebound, the blow was unsuccessful. The hosts immediately grabbed the ball and earned a corner. But even this moment did not carry a threat.

The first 15 minutes of the match were played in an equal fight. The Czechs gradually adapted and began to organize positional attacks. It was the Czechs who organized the dangerous moment at the 16th minute of the meeting. On the 16th minute, Schick shot aimingly on target. Marshall played reliably. They went to file a corner. Yankto Jakub past the frame.

At the 18th minute, Scotland responded with its aggressive actions. They carried out a quick flanking attack, which was completed by Dykes. He missed the target.

Yes, the first 30 minutes of the match were not productive and without scoring chances. Only on 32 minutes Robertson was able to shoot the Czechs on target. But this time, the goalkeeper played reliably. After 2 minutes, he serves well, but because of the rebound, the defenders calmly take the ball out of the penalty area.

McGinn's blow was dangerous. The ball goes into the hand of the Czech national team defender. The arbiter decided that there was no violation. Again, another controversial point. In the first half, the Czech Republic filed two or three times more corners. After one of them, we managed to organize a goal attack.

After serving, the ball is removed. The Czechs are picking him up. Followed by a flank pass and canopy. Shik jumps out and hits the far side of the goal. Goal! Czech Republic comes forward. The account was opened at 42 minutes.

The referee added only 1 minute to the main time of the first half. On 40 + 1 minutes, a Scotland player crashes into a Czech defender. The fall made no impression on Siebert. The penalty was not assigned. The first half ends with a minimal advantage of the Czech national team.

Review of the second half of the match Euro2020: Scotland - Czech Republic

Czech Republic started the second half with a dangerous shot on target of Scotland. Marshall retorts. The Czechs pick up the ball. They hit back on target and again the Scottish goalkeeper reacts. On the 48th minute, Hendry threw the Czech goalkeeper, but the ball does not fly into the net, but the crossbar. After a minimum of time, the Czech defender cuts the ball into his own net. But Vaclik was able to help out.

At 52 minutes, Chic saw Marshall walking in midfield. He picked up the ball. Without thinking twice, he strikes from 40 meters. The ball flew over half the field. Scotland's collar realized his oversight. I tried to run and prevent a goal. But could not. As a result, due to the goalkeeper's oversight, Scotland misses the second goal into their own net. On 55 minutes, Darida already breaks through, but misses the goal of Scotland.

On 62 minutes, Dykes shoots, but the Czech national team player falls under the ball. After ricochet, the round flies off to the corner. After filing, the same Dykes shoots on target. But the goalkeeper coped with this shot.

At the 66th minute, the Czech goalkeeper becomes the hero of the situation. Dykes shot from a lethal position, but the collar was able to reach and repulse the blow.

On the 77th minute, after a free kick, McTominay found himself in a shock position, but shot from a few meters much higher than the gate.

At the 81st minute, Shik already shoots on target, but right into the hands of the goalkeeper. After a long perepasovka in the center of the field, the Scots got to the shock position. But the blow was not dangerous. The ball flew right into the hands of the goalkeeper. On 84 minutes, Forest beat a couple of Czechs, shoots, but the ball is blocked.

In the 90th minute, Kremenchik shoots on target. But Marshall helps out. The arbiter added 4 minutes to the regular time. On 90 + 4 minutes Nisbet shoots towards the Czech Republic gate. The blow is blocked. The result of the match Euro2020 Scotland - Czech Republic: 0 - 2.

Yes, the Scots could not put the squeeze on the opponent. There was a lack of precision in strikes, luck and clearer play in the attack. All strikes were blocked. Those that reached the gate were parried by the Czech goalkeeper. As a result, the Czech Republic gains three starting points.