Euro2020: Switzerland - Spain

Quarter-finals are curious because they are played by those on whom they did not make bets. After the departure of many favorites, it is quite difficult to give preference to one or another national team. Everyone can surprise you. Switzerland showed character. It is already clear that they are ready to fight to the last.

But Spain has not yet said its final word. They started to score. For Bookmakers, this is a decisive aspect.

Bookmakers' quotes for the ¼ final of Euro2020: Switzerland - Spain

W1: 6.05

P2: 1.66

X: 3.88

Home (+1.5): 1.47

Away (-1.5): 2.72

TM2.5: 2.05

TB2.5: 1.86

P2 + TB1.5: 1.98

P2 + TB2.5: 2.48

Match Highlights ¼ Euro2020 Final: Switzerland - Spain

Spain has to make work on the mistakes. Today they will play more reliably on the defensive. Most likely, they will take the ball away from the opponent. Total control plus a strong line of attack should bring victory. Although Switzerland can score.

Review of the first half of the Euro2020 ¼ final: Switzerland - Spain

As expected, Spain started with ball control. During the first five minutes, the Swiss were able to intercept the ball only once, but without developing a counterattack. There was an interception at 6-1 minutes. Switzerland got almost to the opponent's penalty area.

In the 8th minute, Koke delivers a corner. The ball hits Alba. He punches. Zakaria extends her leg. The ball changes direction and flies into the goal. Thus, Zakaria becomes the author of his own goal. Spain took the lead.

In the 17th minute, Koke shoots from a free-kick, but the ball flies over the crossbar. Until the 20th minute, Switzerland did not create a single acute moment. On the 22nd minute, Seferovich had a chance to break free for a date with Simon. But the Spanish goalkeeper confidently stepped out of the gate and prevented the occurrence of a dangerous moment.

On 25 minutes, after a corner kick, Azpilicueta hits his head. The goalkeeper of Switzerland is coping.

Only on 34 minutes Akandji was able to deliver the first blow of the Swiss national team to the goal of Spain. Not exactly. On the 39th minute, after a corner kick, Widmer shoots towards the opponent's goal. Interestingly, the Swiss began to show activity only at the end of the first half. The arbiter added 1 minute. Switzerland only showed that it was trying to attack. Spain shot on target once. Switzerland never. Ball possession: 29 to 71%. Corners: 4 - 3. Assists: 154 to 380!

Review of the second half of the Euro2020 ¼ final: Switzerland - Spain

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second half, the game pattern has not changed. In the 50th minute, Koke shoots past. At 56 minutes, Zakaria could correct his mistake. He punched his head. Simon could no longer react to the blow. But the Swiss national team player misses the target. It was Switzerland's first really dangerous moment.

On 59 minutes Ferran Torres shoots, but hits Seferovic. On the 64th Zuber punches tightly, not strongly, but on target. Simon coped with the blow. In the 68th minute Laporte and Torres played an incomprehensible pass. The ball, after a rebound, goes to the Swiss. Transfer and Shakiri breaks not just on target. He scores and compares the score. Current result: 1 - 1.

At 77 minutes, Freuler slides into the tackle. He plays strictly in Moreno's leg. The referee (Oliver) instantly pulled out a straight red card. Immediately, the referees watched TV. The deletion is confirmed. Switzerland remained in the minority.

On the 79th, the same Moreno punches past the gates of Switzerland. After being sent off, the Swiss coach takes off Shaqiri and releases Sow. Immediately, instead of Seferovich, Gavranovich comes out. On 84 minutes Moreno shoots on target. Straight into the hands of the goalkeeper.

The arbiter adds 4 minutes to the regular time. As a result, Spain could not do anything. The Swiss were able to bring the game to overtime.

Additional time

Spain dominates. But in 90 minutes I was able to hit the target only 2 times. Will they be able to put the squeeze on Switzerland in extra time?

First extra half

On 96 minutes, Alba shoots on target. Sommer counters. After a corner kick, Llorente breaks. Again the goalkeeper of Switzerland helps out. At the hundredth minute, Moreno already shoots past. The Swiss sat down very low. They defend within their own box. On the 101st, Moreno shoots from a minimum distance to the gate. But he punched right into the goalkeeper. At 104, Oyarsabel hits the target. Tight and dangerous. The ball is parried by Sommer. The arbiter added a minute. At 105 + 1 minutes, Oyarsabel does not hit hard and precisely into the hands of Sommer.

Second extra half

The first dangerous moment in 2 overtime happened at 111 minutes. Olmo shoots on target. But he doesn't score. At the 113th minute, he shoots past. At the 116th minute, Busquets already hit the target straight into the hands of Sommer. On 118 minutes, Moreno shoots on target. Almost into the hands of Sommer again. The arbiter added a minute. On 120 + 1 minutes Rodri misses the target. Result of main and extra time: 1-1. The fate of the match will be decided in the post-match series of 11-meter kicks. Switzerland with ten men was able to withstand the overwhelming advantage of Spain.

Post-match penalties

The Spaniards are the first to break through

1st hit (S): Busquets hits the post. No goal (0 - 0)

2nd hit (W): Govranovich scores (1 - 0).

Hit 3 (S): Olmo scores (1 - 1).

4th shot (W): Cher does not score (1 - 1).

5th hit (S): Rodri doesn't score.

6th hit (W): Arkandji does not score.

7th hit (S): Moreno scores (1 - 2)

Hit 8 (Sh): Vargas misses the target (1 - 2)

9th shot (S): Oyarsabel scores (1 - 3).

Spain has a hard time beating Switzerland thanks to penalty shootouts. Unfortunately Spain is reaching the semi-finals. BUT there it will be very difficult for them. With such a catastrophic realization of the chances, they don't make it to the finals.