Euro2020: Spain - Poland

Spain needs to prove that it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the favorites of Euro 2020. In the match of the second round, they played against Poland. And the Poles must not lose, as they have already stumbled in the first match against Slovakia. In case of defeat, Poland loses its chances of reaching the playoffs. Apparently, the match will be as intense as possible. Perhaps on horseback. At the same time, experts believe that it is the Spaniards who are the undisputed favorites of the match.

Bookmakers' quotes for the match of the 2nd round of Euro2020: Spain - Poland

P1: 1.38

W2: 9.4

TM2.5: 2.08

TB2.5: 1.83

Match preview of the 2nd round of the Euro2020 group stage: Spain - Poland

Both teams will play only to win. Neither one nor the other can stumble. But will the Spaniards be able to contain Lewandowski? In turn, will the Poles be able to withstand the aggressive play of the Spanish attack?

Review of the first half of the match of the 2nd round of the group stage of Euro2020: Spain - Poland

The teams started the game rather cautiously. But already in the 6th minute, Klich punches next to the nine goal of Spain. But in the 10th minute the Spaniards responded with Olmo's efforts. He shoots on target. On the 13th minute already Pau Torres breaks wide of the gate.

Gradually the Spaniards seized the initiative. The Poles began to play defensively, on counterattacks. But still, it was Spain who opened the scoring in the match. On the 25th minute, Morata, avoiding an offside position, scores. The side referee raised the flag. But the head judge, looking at the VAR, pointed to the center of the field. The goal was scored. Poles need to score at all costs. Moreover, at least twice.

Then the game went back on track - without a gate. On the 33rd minute, the Poles break the rules against Koke, next to the penalty area line. Moreno punched. But the ball missed the goal. Instantly, on the 35th minute, Sviderski shoots out after Lewandowski's pass. The ball misses the target.

On the 43rd minute, Lewandowski could have scored, but Simon coped with the strike of the Pole. Sviderski immediately shoots past. On 45 minutes Moreno misses the target. The arbiter added 1 minute. First half result: 1 - 0.

Review of the second half of the match of the 2nd round of the group stage of Euro2020: Spain - Poland

Yes, the sequel is still identical to that of the first half. Equal play in the center of the field played into the hands of only the Spaniards. It was noticeable that they were in no hurry and were ready to dry the match. But the Poles did not agree with this state of affairs. On 54 minutes, Lewandowski hits his head. The ball hits the net. Goal. The Poles compare the score.

Immediately the Spaniards fled to the attack. In the penalty box, Podar treads on Moreno's foot. After watching the replay, Orato assigns the 11-meter. The victim approaches the ball. He hits the stance. Morata tried to finish off, but did not hit the goal. The penalty was not scored. The score remains unchanged: 1 - 1.

After that moment, Poland felt confident. They tried to squeeze the opponent. True, the Spaniards did not allow the opponent to seize the initiative. On 65 minutes, Morata shoots from an acute angle. Shchensny parried. On 73 minutes Ferran Torres struck his head on goal, but missed the target, and also got into an offside position.

The Spaniards once again show excellent ball possession figures. 10 minutes before the end of the match, in percentage terms, they had an overwhelming advantage: 77 to 23. In the 80th minute, Morata receives the ball right in the center of the goal, a few meters from the line. But he could not strike. True, at 81st Rodri still hits the target.

At 84 minutes, Morata is in a shock position. He again failed to beat the Polish goalkeeper. Ferran Torres tried to finish, but shot above the gate. At the end of the match, it became clear that the Poles would be satisfied with a draw result.

The arbiter added 5 minutes to the regular time. Despite the fact that Spain had an overwhelming advantage, they still could not score the second. The result of the match of the 2nd round of the group stage of Euro2020: 1 - 1.

So Sweden has 4 points. Slovakia: 3. Spain: 2. Poland: 1 point. Places in the playoffs will be drawn in the last round.