The Italian Championship attracts with colorful play and intrigue in the championship race. At the moment, 5 clubs are fighting for first place in the standings.

## Tournament table

1. Inter: 75 points.

2. Milan: 59 points.

3. Juventus: 58 points.

4. Bologna: 54 points.

5. Roma: 48 points.

The leader is Inter. It will be difficult for opponents to beat in the championship race. Last season the Nerazzurri finished 3rd. They will play Milan Internacional on April 21. In 2024, S. Inzaghi acquired several players. On January 5, midfielder Tajon Buchanan joined the club. He previously played for Brugge. Several players moved to Inter after ending their contracts with their former clubs. But they didn't play in the major leagues.

It is important to note that it is the Inter player who is the leader of the scoring race. Lautaro Martinez scored 23 times. Of these, 2 goals were scored from the 11-meter mark.

In second place is Juventus player Dusan Vlahovic. He scored 15 goals. Of these, two were scored from the penalty spot. Paulo Dybala is 3 goals behind. The Roma player scored 6 times from the 11-meter mark. Milan player Olivier Giroud is in 4th place. In 5th place is Victor Osimhen. It represents the colors of Napoli.

## Fight for 2nd place

Inter is 16 points clear of second place Milan. The gap is big. The difference between 2nd and 3rd place, which Juventus occupies, is only one point. In the 29th round, Milan will play away against Verona. Juventus will host Genoa. Inter will play against Napoli.

Juventus was in second place almost throughout the entire tournament race. But in the last 5 rounds he lost his advantage. Milan was able to win 3 out of 5 matches in the Championship. We tied once. So many defeats. Juventus lost 2 games, drew 2 matches and won once. This decline has led to the fact that Milan now has 1 point more.

## Performance of the best Italian clubs on the international stage

In the group stage of the Champions League, Italy was represented by 4 clubs: Inter, Milan, Napoli and Lazio. Milan took 3rd place in the group and moved to the Europa League. The remaining teams finished the stage in 2 places.

In the 1/8 finals, Inter met Atlético. After the first meeting, the Italians led. At the end of the second match, the overall score became 2 – 2. The Spaniards were stronger in the penalty shootout. It was a sensation. After all, the Nerazzurri were able to win all 13 matches in 2024. In February, they scored 4 goals in 3 matches without conceding a single one. Important! The top scorer of the Italian Championship, Lautaru Martinez, failed to score a penalty. He sent the ball into “space”, becoming the hero of numerous memes.

Crisis Napoli played against Barcelona. The result of the first match was optimistic. But the Italians ultimately lost 4–2 on aggregate. Lazio had a tougher test. The team met with the German Bayern. The Italians were able to win the home match with a minimal score. But the away team conceded 3 unanswered goals. As a result, the team left the Champions League, losing to the Germans with a total score of 3–1.

There were 2 teams competing in the Europa League. Roma took 2nd place in Group G. Atalanta was able to win the group stage. Milan joined them in the 1/8 finals. Roma played against Brighton. The team advanced to the next round, beating the opponent with a total score of 4–1. Atalanta played against Sporting. This confrontation turned out to be dramatic. After a draw in the first meeting, the Italians won the second. Sporting was beaten with a total score of 3 – 2. Milan had the fewest problems. The Italians played against Slavia. In 2 matches, Pioli's team conceded 3 goals. In response they scored 7 goals.

Fiorentina represented Italy in the Conference League. In the group stage the team scored 12 points. This allowed us to take first place. In the 1/8, the Italians met Maccabi Haifa. It turned out to be a 2-game scoring shootout. Fiorentina wins with an aggregate score of 5 – 4. It is important to note that the second match ended in a high-scoring draw 1 – 1.

Despite a number of unsuccessful results, 4 Italian teams compete in the quarter finals of 2 European tournaments. This is a good result, since only England has more teams in the European Cup. Thanks to the victories, Italy continues to hold first place in the UEFA odds table. Head coach Milana Pioli believes that the Italians are performing successfully. The level of professionalism is gradually increasing. Fans of Italian clubs should expect significant success not only in the current season, but also in the future!