The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is full of scandals. This time, the former Miss Croatia, the most active fan of the national team and the decoration of the entire 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Ivana Knoll, got stuck in it. The girl continues to ardently support the Croatian national team. She appears at the stadiums in provocative outfits. It got to the point that they want to send her to jail. Say, her outfits and, in general, her appearance violates a lot of the rules of Qatar and not only. In response to all claims, she does not get tired of organizing new photo shoots. Yes, and he does not go into his pocket for a word.

What is the essence of the problem?

For the first time, Ivana appeared at the stadium in a tight dress. On the one hand, everything is covered. But the cutout on the chest did not go unnoticed. After they began to criticize her, Ivana continued to tease everyone, without exception. In particular, she came to the Croatia match against Canada in an even more open dress. You understand that the attention of others has switched to the cheerleader.

In social networks, Ivan began to be accused of all mortal sins. In particular, they began to tell her that she was violating the customs and rules of local residents. Some of the dissatisfied agreed to the point that they began to demand her expulsion from Qatar and even ... arrest! Yes, Ivan Knoll, they want to send her to jail for open outfits!

Answer by Ivana Knoll

Ivana stated that she had read the rules of the Qataris. At the same time, she indicated that she was not a Muslim. The model recalled that in Europe respect for the niqab and hijab. Accordingly, local residents must respect the traditions and views of other peoples. She pointed out that in the cities of Qatar everyone wears what they want.

Ivana continued to lead exactly the lifestyle she was used to. She figured out a photo shoot in a swimsuit against the backdrop of the skyscrapers of Qatar. This act infuriated most of those present. In response to aggression in her direction, Ivana said that she was sorry for all those people who could not get to the World Championship. At the same time, she is glad that she was able to get to Qatar and support the national team of her native country. She stated that she now understands why many did not want to go to the World Cup in Qatar. She considers the organization of the tournament to be the worst in the history of these competitions.

Be that as it may, but we know by sight the brightest, prettiest, most liberated fan of the World Cup in Qatar. This is Ivana Knoll. Now the whole world is talking about her!