Corruption in Ukraine permeates all spheres of society. Journalists, public figures, law enforcement agencies are conducting investigations. But I plant units. The corruption scandal affected the Ukrainian Football Association. Moreover, the leadership of the UAF is accused of stealing $ 7 million, which were allocated by FIFA and UEFA. These were targeted funds. They were supposed to be spent on the construction of a training base for the Ukrainian national football team.

For what purposes and how much money has UEFA allocated?

In January 2017, the UAF received 4.5 million euros from UEFA. These funds were allocated for the construction of a training base for the Ukrainian national team. It should appear near Kiev. These data are confirmed by data that are posted in the public domain.

But, oddly enough, they didn't even start building the base. All the money was poured into the legendary factory that manufactures artificial fields. It is curious that this very plant ceased to exist 2 years ago. It does not work to this day.

In January 2018, the UAF vowed to spend the same 4.5 million on the construction of the base. Then it was said that it would be built before August 6, 2020. But, now we have already September. Moreover, not 2020, but 2021! There is no base even in the project!

In 2017, the UAF assessed the purchase of land in Knyazhichi. In total, only 300 thousand dollars were needed. After the assessment, the management, led by Pavelko, sends a letter to FIFA. It indicates that the acquisition of land is necessary ... How much do you think they indicated? Believe it or not - $ 2.6 million. The International Federation has thought and transferred 1.8 million for this purpose. Yes, less. But this money also disappeared. It turns out that the UAF embezzled $ 1.5 million. That is, the very difference when buying land.

Now let's pay attention to one more curious fact. The lands, which were bought by the UAF officials, are located in the recreational zone, near the village of Knyazhichi, Brovarsky district of the Kiev region. Not a single construction company wants to build there. Everyone refuses to carry out construction work in those parts!

It turns out that, in total, $ 7.08 million was lost. Now Pavelko is thinking how to stir it up so that the stolen money turns out to be legalized. So that no one ever remembers about 7 million. The way out was found by itself.

How Zelenskiy's Big Construction program helps launder $ 7.08 million

On the website of the Kiev Regional State Administration, a message appeared that it is planned to build a base for the national teams of Ukraine on football "from scratch" at the expense of this very program of the President "Big Construction". That is, 7.08 million was stolen, and the construction will be carried out with the money that people pay as taxes. Yes, at the expense of ordinary citizens and the state.

Amazing coincidence

Notice that $ 7.8 million was poured into that same vindictive plant. This is despite the fact that it was stolen - 7.08. Is this a coincidence?

Thus, it turns out that the UAF, "pouring" money into a non-working plant, simply laundered it. Now they are trying to legalize the funds at the expense of the Big Construction project. The bulk of the evidence of the UAF's guilt was revealed by journalist Konstantin Andriyuk. But, in our country, such cases are not investigated. The perpetrators will turn out to be innocent heroes.