Artem Dovbik

Here I can not pass by. Artem Dovbik is a player of the Ukrainian national football team, who was able to lead our team to the quarterfinals. But the guy was attacked like a flock of kites, all who are ready to sell their mother for Ukrainization. Artyom is accused by all and sundry for the fact that he spoke Russian at the press conference.

The well-known writer Larisa Nitsoy was especially distinguished. She stated that the famous player speaks the language of Muscovy. He says he teaches children to speak not in their "native" Ukrainian, but in Russian.

She claims that all efforts to Ukrainize the country are "multiplied by zero" such as Dovbik. She categorically declares that no one in the country has the right to speak Russian. Everyone should speak only Ukrainian.

By the way, you can speak English, Moldavian, German, Colombian, Honduran, but not Russian. Isn't that nonsense? Apparently, insanity.

What can we talk about? Even Artyom's father is already beginning to apologize. He pointed out that the guy at home speaks Ukrainian, and it was his type that the demon had beguiled.

Guys, what about Shevchenko, who is Andrey? He, as the head coach of the national football team of the country, must speak Ukrainian. But he is balakin 'in Russian! Zelensky, being a Jew, turns out to be no one in Ukraine. He, not an indigenous citizen of the country, holds the presidency. He, being a Jew, forgets his ancestral language. He often speaks Russian. Maybe he was a traitor then?

Shevchenko, who is Taras, lived for more than one year in St. Petersburg and did not speak Ukrainian there. Is he a traitor too?

But what about Zelensky's statements that there is no oppression on the basis of language and ethnicity in the country? Another nonsense? But what about Zelensky's promises before the elections to resolve the language issue and not oppress the Russian? Again - nonsense. He lies to everyone, including his type of voters.

So, once again, nationalists are starting to run into athletes. Now they lose to the Russians, then they speak Russian, then they do not kneel before the starting whistle, then they are guilty of some delusional "crime".

Maybe then in Odessa, adopt a law that in the city and the region itself it is necessary to speak strictly in the Odessa language? Once again, they mix up sports, politics and Ukrainization. Although, the founders of this very Ukrainization are none other than the Bolsheviks. This is such nonsense going on in Ukrainian sports in general, and football in particular.