The start of the season for Liverpool turned out to be unsuccessful. The team is in a fever. Does Liverpool have a chance to stretch the season? Who can pull the team? Liverpool Joker and Bedbug's schemes.

Starting segment of the season

At the start of the season, Liverpool cannot even show a tolerable result. All news with a minus sign. In the championship of England the team is on the 8th line. This despite the fact that Liverpool was able to beat Manchester City in the last match. Now the team has only 13 points, after 9 matches played. The same number of points scored by Brentford and Bortmund. Liverpool are ahead of rivals in additional indicators. Yes, there is a game in stock. But, apparently, even in case of victory, the team will not be able to rise above the 5th line.

In the Champions League, the team is doing somewhat better. After 4 rounds, the team takes 2nd place in group A. Pursuers Ajax and Rangers. On the first line is Napoli. It is enough for the Italians to win one meeting and they will leave the group from the first place. In turn, it will be enough for Liverpool to win in the 5th round. In this case, Ajax will no longer be able to catch up with the British. Now the Dutch have only 3 points.

Who can pull Liverpool out of the crisis hole

Unfortunately for Klop, the leaders of the team do not show a reliable and confident game. The same Salah, who scored in the last round, cannot boast of outstanding results. And Klom himself received a red card in the match against Manchester City.

At the moment, Firmino shows excellent results. He is already 31. In the summer, the player could leave the location of the club. But the decision was made to continue Firmino's career at Liverpool. Klopp said the Brazilian is the soul of the team. And the player himself does not want to leave the English club.

The current season has shown that the management of Liverpool knowingly left the player in their squad. A new contract is already being prepared.

Firmino results

The Brazilian was able to score 8 goals in 12 matches, despite the fact that last season he scored only 11 accurate shots in 35 matches. He has 5 assists to his credit. In the past, he was only able to pitch 4 in an entire season.

In recent matches, Klopp will use 2 schemes: 4-2-4 and 4-2-3-1. Accordingly, Firmino can count on a permanent place in the starting lineup.

Thus, it turns out that all of Liverpool's star players cannot get in shape. While Nunes and Salah are trying to reach their level of play, it is Firmino who is pulling Liverpool. Let's hope that the victory over Manchester City will give the team confidence and they will be able to return to the fight for the top three in the Premier League.