In the joints of the Europa League will play Zenith and Betis. The Spanish club will try to get into the main draw of the Europa League. In turn, the Zenith looks somewhat preferable. In particular, the attacking line should score and quite a lot. Betis concedes regularly from almost every opponent.

Europa League play-off review: Zenit – Betis

Zenit plays in the home arena. Semak will not take risks and experiment. He will release only proven performers on the field. At the same time, the same Sergeev can always come on as a substitute and decide the outcome of the meeting.

Review of the first half of the play-off LE: Zenit – Real Betis

It is curious that Dziuba came out at the base. Yes, even with the captain's armband. In the 8th minute, Betis scores from a free kick. Cross, header and goal. Rodriguez excelled. It all started with a foul by Rakitsky. Yaroslav himself could not prevent a shot on target.

Separately, I will dwell on the fact that the away goal advantage rule has been canceled. It turns out that a missed goal should not bring any special problems. It is important to score and win. During the first 15 minutes the visitors dominated. Betis players are located on the half of the field of Zenit.

On 18 minutes, Jose receives the ball in front of the penalty area and shoots from outside. The ball from the bar flies into the goal of the Zenith. The score becomes: 0 - 2. By the middle of the first half, it became clear that the team was not ready from the word "completely". Zenith players couldn't even figure out how to start and develop attacks. At the end of the 23rd - beginning of the 24th minute there was a real chance to score. At first, Dzyuba was unable to punch normally, then a couple of repeated blows from Artem's partners did not bring results.

But still, on the 25th minute, Dziuba was able to open an account with Zenit balls. He hit his head. Submitted by Karavaev. In the 28th minute, Malcolm equalizes the score in the match. The transmission was given by Wendel.

After an unsuccessful first half, Zenit showed that he was ready to play on the attack. Moreover, Betis can score quite a lot. After the second goal scored, Zenit did not sit on his half of the field.

At the 36th minute, Dziuba was heading under the crossbar. But the goalkeeper of Betis translates to a corner. But alas, on 42 minutes Guardado scored a goal against Zenit. Betis took the lead again. This goal and the subsequent actions of Zenit players showed that the team has no defense. This is a normal walkway.

Despite the fact that 5 goals were scored in the first half, the referee did not add a second. The first half ended with a minimal advantage of the guests. The score of the 1st half of the match Zenit - Betis: 2 - 3.

Review of the second half of the play-off LE: Zenit – Real Betis

The second half was not much different from the first. Rather, the beginning of the half. Semak released Mostovoy. On 56 minutes, Artem went one on one, but did not score. But he was also offside. By the way, Karavaev left the field. In defense, the changes were more serious. Instead of Rakitsky, Krugovoi appeared on the field. At the 65th minute, instead of Claudinho, Yuri Alberto comes out instead of Dzyuba. He immediately created a dangerous moment. Kuzyaev had a real chance to score. He shoots but hits the crossbar. Although he could give to Alberto.

Zenith gradually took advantage. Guests began to play on the counter. Semak releases Sergeyev. During the 30 minutes of the second half, the aggression of Zenith was visible. They walked forward. But at the final stage, nothing could be shown. This despite the fact that the guests played strictly on defense. They didn't rush forward.

In the last seconds of normal time, Sergeev threw on Alberto. But alas. The arbitrator added only three minutes. As a result, Zenit loses at home: 2 - 3.

Several aspects struck me. At the end of the match Zenit were in no hurry. They played standing up at a time when it was necessary to go forward. Match commentators tried to find positive moments. Where are they? Like the game was cool, but lost! Why did Semak, who was talking about experience, start releasing newcomers in the second half? This match showed that Zenit is not ready to play in the European cups from the word "absolutely".