Kamil Grosicki has been living in a bubble filled with frustration for several months. Before the World Cup he did not play regularly, the team collapsed in the World Cup, Hull City took his t-shirt number. The Pole wants to leave. Transfer talks are ongoing, but time is ruthlessly running away.

Instead of the world championships, which were supposed to result in tsunami offers, there were world championships whose Kamil Grosicki symbolized a successful injury. Instead of a strong entry into the Championship season and a quick transfer to the Premier League, there is only a lost number on the shirt and throwing out of the team. The situation of the 30-year-old winger begins to resemble the situation of our clubs in European cups - everything is "no". And time is running out. If nothing changes, Grosicki can fall into the hole in which he was not yet.

Running away time

Before the World Cup Grosicki belonged to the group of players who after the tournament saw the chance to change their fate. After the fall of Hull City to the Polish Championship, he did a lot to break out of the Premier League and return to his dream league. But instead of fighting for promotion, his club was trembling for maintenance in the second league, and the Polish football player not only stopped shooting and assisting, but even to play regularly (especially in the second part of the season). In 2018 he played only one full match - from Burton Albion. In addition, it was rather a reserve role.

The famous turbo lacked "TurboGrosik" also in Russia, where Kamil showed up on the same page as our entire team . Additionally, before the match with Colombia, Adam Nawałka placed the bench on the player, which caused an additional frustration of the wingman. The new season could have been a new start, but for now it is only worse. There is no conflict on the Hull-Grosicki line, but both sides have already decided to say goodbye. Valuable time, however, still escapes.

Lost number 7

Hull City was supposed to be a promised land for Grosicki. A few months early Kamil did not manage to sign the contract with Burnley, but in the end "Tigers" laid out the right amount and brought wingers to the Islands. It was nice: from singing Polish emigrants to Old Trafford, who at the match against Manchester United hummed with "green eyes" and a few assists (including Leicester and West Ham). At the end, however, there was a drop Hull to the Championship. From that moment, the English promised land began to change into a Polish prisoner's prison.

Grosicki's well-being is not helped by his current club, which at the start of the season aimed the 30-year-old spirited cheek. Without informing him number 7, which Kamil performed with, he was handed over to Brazilian Evandro Goebel. The next blow was brought by manager Nigel Adkins. On Monday, Hull lost at home with Aston Villa 1: 3, and Adkins did not find a place even for the Pole on the bench. Today, it is known that the transfer is a matter of time. I do not want Grosicki Hull, and Hull does not want Grosicki.

There is no conflict, but there is no desire for it

As Sport.pl determined, Hull City still did not inform the player about the willingness to sell it. Both sides, however, are aware that the formula of cooperation is over. The British stated that they would not disturb the Pole in changing the environment, if only the team wishing to obtain it would pay the appropriate amount to their account. As reported on Twittere, Polsat journalist Mateusz Borek expressed interest among others: one of the French clubs, as well as teams from England and Italy. Grosicki is to have an exotic, but financially lucrative offer from Qatar.

France, Greece or maybe Qatar?

According to our information, transfer of a coach to another club from England is unrealistic, as well as Italian signals. Among the teams from Ligue1 one of the willing to negotiate is the former employer of Grosicki Stade Rennais, while the daily "L'quipe" wrote about the proposal from Montpellier. In the last days, one of the Greek teams also joined the game. In this case, a loan with an option of mandatory redemption is real.

At the moment the largest question mark - and the key issue - is the transfer fee. Earlier, Hull demanded 10 million euros for a Pole. Now it is expected that someone can pay for it at most half of this amount, although Transfermarkt.de priced it at 7 million.

Time to clean the head

Every day counts for Grosicki. At any moment, most major leagues take off and most of the teams have long completed teams. Pole is a master of last minute transfers, but in this case such a transaction could cause him great harm. How Grosicki is frustrated at the moment could be seen in his entries on Instagram, when he unfortunately began to respond to provocative fans. The representative needs a clean head at the moment. And this is inseparably connected with the change of the environment.