Into the semifinals of the Carabao Cup between Leicester City and Aston Villa. It was a wet and cold night at the King Power Stadium where Leicester City hosted Aston Villa in the semifinals of the Carabao Cup.

It started well for both sides as the game appeared balance in the first few minutes of the game which both sides were still trying to see fault in each other's gameplay. As the minutes pass by Leicester City grew stronger and started dominating the matchup.

A couple of chances served as threats in the first 20min to Aston Villa side and the host kept on dictating the matchup.

Everything was looking promising for Leicester City until on the 28th minute when Aston Villa went against all odds to pull the first blood of the matchup courtesy of Guilbert.

The game became balanced and both sides started digging each other for loopholes. The scoreline remained 0-1 to Aston Villa until the end of the first half.

Back into the second half, Leicester City had a little change of approach in their attacking strategy but Aston Villa refused to cave, instead, they pose more threats to Leicester City. Having a couple of chances which were not converted.

Leicester City kept on pressing on in order to earn a lifeline.

A change to the Leicester City's attack came as a blessing in disguise as Iheanacho was able to level things up with a superb strike on the 74th minute.

More chances followed up after the equalizer but Aston Villa did well to keep contain the threats.

The game ended 1-1 at the King Power Stadium.