Stamford Bridge was packed with actions of different levels as Chelsea played at home against their London rivals, Arsenal.

The game started well with both teams getting on each other's back and soon Chelsea started dominating.

A few minutes later, Arsenal stepped up to put a balance in the field of play but that was short seen after an error prompt Mustafi made a short back pass to the goalkeeper and that was picked up by Abraham who was about to bury the ball in the back of the net when David Luiz fouled him. A straight red card was shown to Luiz and a penalty was awarded to Chelsea which was well taken by Jorghino to give Chelsea the lead.

Arsenal, with a man out, refused to stay down and kept on trying to get back into the game. Chelsea were forced to seat behind until the end of the first half.

The second half began with more intensity as Arsenal were keen on getting back into the game and Chelsea were also ready to slow Arsenal pace down.

Arsenal's determination and teamwork paid off when a counterattack was initiated after dealing with a corner kick by Chelsea and a solo run by 18yr old Martinelli who placed the ball perfectly into the back of the net on the 63rd minute.

Chelsea's unrelenting efforts saw them go ahead once again on the 84th minute through Azpilicueta C who was able to convert a well-crossed ball by Odoi but Arsenal refused to run away from the fight and they got thing levelled up again after a terrific goal by Bellerin H on the 87th minute.

The game remained 2-2 and Arsenal were able to snatch a point after 90 minutes of action.