The final match of the AFF U-16 2018 Cup between Thailand U-16 vs Indonesia U-16, at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium on Saturday (11/08/18) at 19.00 WIB the night was finished

Two rounds took place with Indonesia U-16 mastering the game. David Maulana cs attacked the Thai defense early in the first half.

Occasionally, Thailand also tried to develop their game, until midway through the second half, Thailand successfully scored the equalizing position.

The match ended with a victory for Indonesia through a penalty shootout with a score of 4-3. The following is the second round of the final round of the 2018 AFF Cup between Thailand and Indonesia.

The first half of the Indonesian Under-16 national team tried to dominate the course of the game at the start of the first half. With Muchammad Supriadi getting a chance in the 3rd minute, unfortunately, his shot was too weak and easily secured by the Thai goalkeeper. Continue to press, Indonesia U-16 got a chance to ripen in the 13th minute. Through Andre Oktaviansyah who handed the ball to Bagus Kahfi in the penalty box, the goal was empty, but unfortunately the ball was still on the pole. Almost.

Thailand occasionally tries to break through Indonesia's solid defense. However, the appearance of Brylian, who played in front of the defense, was able to sweep all Thai businesses. The 30-minute attack game was more fruitful. Until the 33rd minute, when the hull bait from the captain, David Maulana was immediately greeted by Fajar Fathur Rachman's congkelan and goals for Indonesia U-16.

The first round ended with a 1-0 advantage for the Under-16 national team. Indonesia must continue to be vigilant with the Thai game that is increasingly here able to develop their game.

Second Half The second round starts! The first 10 minutes, the U-16 national team continued to attack as shown in the first round. But no goal was created, with the axis of attack still relying on Supriadi. 65th minute, Indonesia has a chance to produce a goal. Through a kick outside the penalty box Bagus Kahfi, which still deviated to the right side of the Thai goal.

Suddenly in the 72nd minute, Thailand surprised by scoring an equalizer with an attack that started from a free kick.

A Thai player with number 17, Apidet Janngam was onside and without guard, very easily scored against Ernando. Until the match passed the 80th minute, Indonesia Under-16 had not scored the advantage and the position was still a 1-1 draw. 4 additional minutes are also not able to be maximized by the Asian Garuda to break into Thailand's goal, the match must be determined through the penalty shootout round.

The penalty shootout ended with a victory for the Indonesian Under-16 national team. Twice Ernando was able to overtake Thailand's penalty kick which was a crucial factor for the Under-16 national team winning the U-16 2018 AFF Cup.

Penalty Round:

The composition of Thailand vs Indonesia players The following are the composition of the players in the final match of the 2018 AFF Cup between Thailand vs Indonesia: Thailand: Taweesri; Arthit Bua-Ngam, Chatmongkol P, Jakkrapong S, Pongsakom I; Thanarin Thumsen, Sarawut S, Thanakrit, Sattawas Leela; Sitthinan Pungrueang, Thodsawat Aunkongrat

Indonesia: Ernando A; Bagas Kaffa, M. Yudha, Fadilah Nur Rahman, Komang Teguh; David Maulana, A. Abdilah, Andre O, M. Supriadi, Brylian Negiehta; Bagus Kahfi