It is most players dream to play for their national team. It is a thing of honour for them.

Playing for their respective clubs and also amassing the national team caps is a great thing. Players who have the opportunity to play for multiple countries have the world at their foot. You see them holding off pleas from some of the eligible countries. This is the case of Tammy Abraham and Nigeria. He is awaiting England call up this putting Nigeria on hold. Well, that's that with national team pride.

The international break effect on league football is mostly felt in the first week of league resumption.

Injuries is one thing most club managers pray against. There is little you can do when the players are in the international domain. Most of these players are overused and either get injured or close to getting injured. There is little time to recover from a match fatigue before the next match. This is why you see star players underperform when they go back to their respective clubs.

Imagine a crucial qualifier game where the national team need a win. This means there is no time to joke as all players must give their best. That's the situation of things in the international matches. The players will be exhausted by the time they make it back to the Club side.

The international break is an advantage to smaller teams. It's an opportunity for them to relax and go back to full fitness level. Most small teams don't have much players in the national teams. You see maybe just 1 call up in the whole squad. It's a great opportunity for them as they can be fit for the next league match and provide a shock.

One man food is another man poison. The international break is bad for teams with plenty callups while it is good for teams with little or zero callup.