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Flashback! My Funny Childhood Sports Experience: You Can Share Yours
Good day guys, it's Wednesday! Today, I just don't feel like writing about football celebrities and their exploits, nor do I find any urge analysing their latest records and adventures on the pitch. I feel like talking about my childhood football experiences. Source Sometimes, when we cast our memory back to when and how we grew up loving this game, one can only imagine how silly he has been as a kid. Our approach to the game, the ways we went about it and some stupid puerile stuffs we did. However, those days were fun and could to some people, be their best moments of existence. These days, blogging on scorum could be boring, so to keep it a bit more fun, I just try to spice up my stay with something unusual, mostly about myself. It helps me tell my sports stories from a firsthand angle, and not necessarily or wholly from what I have grown up to see on the screens. I love me too! Lol. As little boys, there was nothing formal about our football activities or adventures. There were some instinctive set of rules or conventions that guided us. When I look back at those funny stuffs we did, one could be tempted to assume that those days of naivety were the best days of their sports experience. Will be sharing some of my childhood sports etiquette with you. Can't tell how we came up with those stuffs, but it was just enough to regulate our games. 1) The Owner Of The Ball Was Both The Referee, The Coach and A Team Player. Yea, this is funny though, but that was the norm. Back then, the child that owned the ball to be used exerted lots of influence. Other kids made sure they made him their friend. He decided who would play, and if you're not in his good books, then you're sure of not being featured. Also, during the game, the owner of the ball was not meant to be fouled. The culprit could either be sent of instantly at the order of the ball owner, or he had to be kicked back for everyone to continue with the game. Lol... As the Coach, the ball owner also enjoyed the privilege of choosing the best players to be in his team, if not, the game will not kickoff. 2) Fat Boys Were Normally The Goalkeepers I don't know were this notion came from, but trust me, it worked its wonders. Back then, we knew that those of us who were fat could not run with the ball, and so could not be part of the players if that side must stand a chance of winning. However, we believed that their big body frame would be better utilized in between the sticks. And funny enough, the fat guys knew their place in the squad, so they needn't wait to be remembered. Oh, before I forget, the goalkeeper's makeshift hand gloves were always his slippers. 3) Only Strong Kids Played Under The Rain Another lovely stuff back then was the parameter we used in knowing those of us who were strong, and that was playing football under the rain. Our parents would always try to chastise or stop us from going under the rain to play, in order to avoid catching cold and falling sick. However, those of us who could escape from their tether saw ourselves as Spartans. What a way to test strength those days, it's just funny when I flashback at those childhood naivety. 4) The Ball Owner's Team Dares Not Lose The Game This is another puerile nation we had as children back then. It wasn't ideal for another team to defeat the team of the ball owner, because, that could signify the end of the game. He just had to be pampered and to an extent allowed to score one goal. The worst thing that could happen to us then was for a ball owner to be angry during the game. Haha... Crazy childhood indeed. 5) The Game Only Ended When Fatigue Came Knocking Of course back then, there was nothing like timing in our games. The game only ended when some players started leaving out of tiredness. It's always our hope that the ball owner doesn't get tired first, because that could signify the end of the game. He is always likely to go with his ball and that was a sad news. You've got some silly Childhood sports moments? Feel free to share via the comment section.