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Jubilation in Egypt, CAF’S final destination for CAN 2019.
The topsy-turvy and vagabond-like situation of the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) have finally gotten a place to rest its head in the country of Pharaohs’, Egypt. It should be remembered that last year CAF awarded the hosting rights for the African Cup of Nations to republic of Cameroon. However, the hosting rights was suddenly withdrawn by CAF citing slow pace in the renovation of existing facilities, no visible construction of new facilities and general lukewarm attitude towards the entire project. Cameroon naturally had protested the withdrawal of the hosting rights, giving reasons for the delay as well as pointing out to the African football governing body that there was still time to put all the necessary facilities in place. The protest was in vain, CAF had already made up its mind to strip Cameroon of the privilege and the opportunity to showcase its rich culture to the outside world, and deny business men and women the opportunity to make quick profit early in 2019. Prior to today, Morocco was purported to have been the next destination for the hosting right. This was so because it have indicated its interest before any other country in Africa to do only for Morocco to withdraw its bid when Egypt pointedly told morocco that it is does not agree with the bid nor will they support morocco in the event that CAF decides to award the hosting rights to Morocco. When it became clear that Egypt will not back down from its stance, Morocco, to the chagrin of its citizens, its football fans and to the disappointment of CAF, announced that it has withdrawn its bid to host the tournament in it soil. Little did Morocco know that Egypt was also eyeing for the rights to host the tournament as well. Some couple of day after the withdrawal by Morocco, Egypt and South Africa formerly sent their bid to host the tournament. Today being 8th January, 2018 is the day CAF had proposed to announce the winner of the bid. As most football fans and analysts have postulated, the hosting rights will be awarded to none other than the North Africa football giants, The Pharaohs of Egypt. This will be the 5th time Egypt will be hosting the tournament come June 2019, as such it will be a child’s play because it is a major football country with world class facilities already in place. There wouldn’t be too much to prepare for simply because unlike other African countries, facilities are adequately maintained and are regularly put to use. It has been jubilation galore since CAF announced that Egypt is the official country to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nation. It is a good thing that Egypt is now the final destination for CAF. As embarrassing as it was for the Cameroonians to be stripped in broad day light the hosting rights, they should take it in good stride and learn from the experience. CAF might have done so in other to avoid a major corporate embarrassment. I am sure Cameroon will be better prepared next time when another opportunity is thrown its way in the nearest future. Congratulations to the Egyptians for another opportunity to showcase her rich culture, Pyramids of wonders, sights and sounds of awesome antiquity and of course, the beautiful women to behold. :D. ALL IMAGES ARE GOOGLE SOURCED. Thank you as usual for stopping by. Sincerely @izge.