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Why Alisson's Mistake Will Make Liverpool Happy
Liverpool FC's Alisson Becker was embarrassed on Saturday when he tried to dribble the ball around Leicester City's Kelechi Iheanacho only to lose possession and concede his first goal as a Red. Exciting Beginnings A week earlier, I was sat in my usual seat in the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand at Anfield as Liverpool went on to beat Brighton 1-0. It wasn't the most entertaining of games, but I was over the moon that we'd started the season well and put another three points on the table. There were a couple of memorable moments, however, as our new goalkeeper showed off some of his dribbling skills. At one point, Alisson rushed out towards Anthony Knockaert who would have been through on goal, and calmly chipped the ball over him. I cheered in delight at the sight of such confidence. It's something we've lacked in the goalkeeper department for quite some time. However, I couldn't help but shake a small feeling of doubt from the back of my mind. I turned to the man next to me and told him, "He's going to get caught out doing that at some point". What I didn't realise was that it would be the very next game! Why Liverpool Will Be Happy It Happened On the way home from the game, I thought long and hard about what I'd seen from our new £60M goalkeeper. I was super impressed. He looked composed, confident, and had a presence about him that I haven't seen from our goalkeepers since Pepe Reina was in his prime. The way Liverpool play, it's an added bonus if Alisson can use his skills to get us playing on the front foot as quickly as possible. Hoofing the ball up field to Mane really doesn't suit us, and that's why I'm glad that Alisson has these skills in his locker. What was apparent, though, was that he was not prepared for the pace of the Premier League. His silky skills are there, but he's used to playing in a less intense league, and that's exactly why he got caught out against Leicester. The great thing about this, however, is that Liverpool went on to win the game. At the end of the day, Alisson's mistake didn't have any impact on the result of the game, other than a slightly bruised ego. I believe it was inevitable that he would get caught out sooner or later, and Liverpool will likely feel the same way. The important thing now is that he learns from his mistake. That's not to say that he shouldn't try to be clever with his feet, but there's a time and a place. Sometimes you just need to blast the ball into row Z. This was definitely one of those occasions! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. If you enjoyed reading this, please do interact, upvote, and follow for more. I really appreciate it!