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Game of depression and how to play with it ...
Andres Iniesta is the name that links much of the history of both FC Barcelona and Spain national team. Champion titles, champions league trophies, Cups and Super Cups of Spain, but behind victory, triumph and joy, is hiding a not quite pleasant reality. One of the best midfielders in the world went through horror moments after the first triple success of the blaugrana group, when Pep Guardiola was on the Catalan technical bench. Andres Iniesta opened in front of La Sexta and revealed he suffered from depression in the summer of 2009: "In a situation like that, you have nothing, you do not feel anything, you do not know what's going on around you. I was waiting for the evening to come, to take a pill and to get some rest. The world is connected with a hope, a desire, an objective, but when you suffer from depression it is no longer you, when you are so vulnerable it is difficult to control your life and the moments you are going through. " The interview with Iniesta: Depression, the disease that condemns you to suffer in silence "Am I the only one who feels absolutely nothing? Physically and mentally. It's like an empty space. " This is the disturbing testimony of a person who recognizes that he or she suffers from depression. Like her, more than 350 million people worldwide are diagnosed with this disease, while many others suffer in silence without knowing what is happening to them, or without accepting reality and asking for help. Unfortunately, the disease often passes undiagnosed, because symptoms are hard to observe, and sometimes because the people do not want to ask for help because they fear that they will be stigmatized and considered crazy. Depression is not a simple "bad state" over which someone can pass, with a small effort of will, but a disease that they have to fight and which they must treat properly, just as they would treat if they had cancer. Maybe some of you will wonder why the famous footballer suffered from depression when he had anything a normal man could want: a family who loves him, his career, talent, fame, money. Do you think depression cares about that? Do you think if you are famous it will be easier to overcome depression? I think it's harder. Just imagine you are Iniesta and you suffer from depression. Everyone (teammates, coach, family, frinds, supporters) expect you to give 100% in every game. But only you know what you feel in those moments. You already give 100% with your internal struggle. You struggle to play good, to look happy, to smile, but on the inside you literally die, little by little. That's how depression feels. It's not easy at all but nevertheless, Iniesta managed to delight us with the football he played... If you think you suffer from depression just talk to someone and tell him or her what you feel. It's the first step. I know it's not easy, but it's the only good think you can do. You are not alone. There are people who love you and who will support you to pass by depression. Just ask for help. It's not a shame. You can do your first step here. Leave a comment if you suffer or have suffered from depression. You can help someone.