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Angel Di Maria, a giver for Manchester United fans and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Image Source Angel di Maria has been wasted and ridiculed by Manchester United and his fans, when he was at Old Trafford. But in the match at the championship yesterday, he also tore the wound in the body of Manchester United and his fans who doubted his capacity. That was the view of Manchester fans united when Di Maria strengthened the red devil some time ago. But after he returned to Old Trafford yesterday, carrying the flag of the giant French Klup, PSG. Since the beginning of the fight, Di Maria has repeatedly been under pressure from Manchester United fans. He not only got whistles, but also shouted when he was on the edge of the field. Not only from fans, the pressure from his former team mates was also received several times. At worst during the first round. At that time he was under pressure from the captain, Ashley Young. Until he made it slip away from the field. He had a chance to grimace in pain, while his hands held his stomach. Seen, Di Maria seemed unable to stand up when several medical personnel came over to provide medical assistance. However, the turmoil and pain seemed to pay off for the fight. Di Maria managed to defeat the pain all over her body. For the victory that was obtained by the giant clamp who strengthened it. The full greeting received by Di Maria was finally avenged in the match last night. Although twice he got a bottle, one empty bottle and one filled with water. But those two throws also made him able to score two assists. Until the end of the goal from the Kimpembe and Kilyan Mbappe Presnel.

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