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Why Wasn't Wenger Sacked Like Other Big Clubs Sack Underperforming Managers?
Source I've always wondered why Arsene Wenger wasn't sacked even when he was a less a trophy winning coach. Look at clubs like Chelsea and other Premier League teams, they've got no chill.. You under perform and you will be butted out. Why did Arsenal fail to send Arsene Wenger packing despite him not being a coach that consistently wins trophies for the team? Source Well, I've heard many people arguing that Wenger is one of the silent stake holders of Arsenal and that's why they would not sack him not matter how poor Arsenal performs. I don't know if this is true or not, but these are my reasons why I think Arsenal never sacked Wenger 1. Wenger is a very good coach. He has exceptional skills that are rarely discussed. Just take a look at players like Hleb, Song and Emmanuel Adebayor and remember how they performed well under Wenger, but flopped after moving to other clubs. Wenger knows how to bring how the best in average players and he also knows how to turn a player who is not known into a star. He's a coach that knows how to manage mediocrity players 2. Wenger is more of an economist and since money plays a huge role in club management, he knows how to manage little funds. Arsenal has the fourth biggest wage budget in Premier League and they always ensure they live within their means. Considering this, Wenger is very economical especially when it has to do with helping the management save funds. The more Arsenal why Arsenal are not bothered about signing big players Source 3. Wenger is a very loyal coach. His loyalty to Arsenal is one of the reasons why he's loved by gunners fans, and the more reason why he stated long at the club. He rejected some mouth-watering offers and advances from PSG, Madrid and Bayern Munich but chose to pay loyalty to his club. His loyalty to the club is one of the reasons why he stayed so long 4. Assuming they sack him, who would replace him? Klopp or Guardiola,? Those ones are just lower version of Wenger. Now look at it, if you happen to be running a company and you have an employee that has been with your company through thick and thin for the past 19 years, would you just fire him like that? Arsenal didn't sack Wenger because his sack will be unbeneficial to them Do you agree with these points? If you don't, kindly air your opinions on the comment section