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Prince of Rome repudiated from Roma
Is there anyone out who does not know who is Roma, Italian and World football legend Francesco Totti ? He is a man who dedicated all his career to one club AS Roma. Rome born football player now 42 years old with 619 games played and 250 goals scored has been no less than repudiated from his favorite club! How can it be truth ? There is no place in this club for one time Serie A top scorer, one time Champion with Roma, two time footballer of the year, 2 time winner of Italian cup, 2 time winner of Italian super cup and 1 time winner of World Cup. How is this possible ? I got deeply shaken after reading his recent interview. He said he has been excluded from decision making in Roma by American owner. He said he was forced to end career by club management and that new owners of Roma want to remove all Romans and legends from club and that it was not easy decision. In emotional interview not covered by any media connected with Roma he said that they did never want him in club as official, that they gave him invitation for meetings few hours before in hope he will not come. Totti said that he wanted them to say to De Rosi that this is his last season on time not two weeks before end like they told him. Those are parts of his interview: "For two years I didn't ever talked directly with Pallota or Baldini. They did never personally call me or send me a message. What would you think if you are on my place ? Would you feel desirable and loved ? Two years! No! It's easy to spent people. I am always honest and open and I can not stay here any more" said legend. "I won't search for other paths and other club. When some new owner become ready to give me confidence I will be ready. I will be always ready. A lot of things made me make this decision. I never participated in decision making, they called me only on 10 meetings for two years always in last moments like they didn't want me there. They didn't ask me when they decided about De Rosi. I just told them that they must tell him if this is his last season. It was September when we talked. I didn't want that they tell him news two weeks before season is over like they did to me" said Prince of Rome. "If you ask me if someone stabbed me in back answer is yes. I will never tell his name but there are some who didn't want me here ever. Those people made a lot of damage to club. As far as I can see what they ever wanted is to remove Romans from Rome. If I am president and if I have in club 2 legends Totti and De Rosi I would give them everything I would give them to lead the club. They are people with ethics, who knows what it mean to be part of Roma, part of Rome. Since Americans took over club they only want to remove us, from beginning and they finally succeed. I refrain believe me I don't talk all what I want, but if someone say something be sure I won't hesitate to answer. " "What I can always tell you is that I would never do anything which would hurt Roma. This is worse than that day when I stopped playing. Departure from Roma is like dying. I think it would be far easier if I just died today" concluded Francesco Totti. If I am owner of Roma I would personally rather take pistol and blow my head off than send away such legend like Totti from beloved club. It is like they departure logo or main symbol of club. For me Totti is symbol or Roma like Del Piero is symbol of Juventus and Maldini of Milan. What a move of owners! I can't still believe that happen. Still in shock.