Soccer / assist

It was a comeback game for Bellerin on Monday as he was buoyant enough to supply Arsenal with a double assist and a build up pass that led to all Arsenals three to one win against Leicester city at the Emirate stadium. Fans warpath with hector Bellerin and his style will surely be minimized after the Spaniard proved to be an elite yesterday. With the win, the gunners moved to fourth place in the table with just two points behind the table leader Manchester city. Arsenal looks quite confident in the game not minding the early goal they conceded after their right back Bellerin scored an own goal in the 31st minute. Arsenal equalized in the 45th minuets after Bellerin puts up an awesome square played pass for Ozil who touched the ball gently, directing it into the far end of the post with ease. At this point, the game was back to normal as the scoreboard was levelled. Half time over as both teams retired to their dressing room with a 1 - 1 draw on the score sheet. The second half began as Arsenal were pretty calm with their passes as they left their opponent with no option than to just chase the ball around. One could say the Gunners were really enjoying themselves though. the second goal came in the 63rd minute after the speed star 'Bellerin' made a superb run towards the flank of the opposing team and dropped another bomb shelled pass to Pierre Aubameyang who found the back of the net, completing the comeback for Arsenal. It wasn't over yet as Arsenal kept on giving life to the game with their tiki taka style of play and a superb build up was activated from Bellerin's side after he drops the ball down to the middle as ozil was instrumental in providing the assist for Aubameyang's brace in the game. The final score ended Arsenal 3-1 Leicester on Monday night. Every Arsenal fan with joyous harmony chanted the song of victory. it was a nice one for the Reds on Monday night. Arsenal has also gone 10 matches in all competition without a loss and that an impressive one following Wenger's exit and the introduction of Unai Emery. Never to forget, I'll say Arsenal indirectly celebrated their former boss Arsene Wenger's birthday as he turned 69 years on the 22nd of October been yesterday. Happy birthday in arrears Arsene Wenger nicknamed "Le Professeur". That's all for today, Thanks For Reading...