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Atalanta Stays In The Game With A draw Match Against Juventus And Barzagli Says Goodbye To Juventus
Hello everyone!! Today there was great match between Atalanta and Juventus and there are brilliant game played by both teams. In this match, if Atalanta would had won this match then they could had qualify for Champion League. Though with the draw Atalanta stays have hope to qualify for Champion League. So, this match was a really important match for Atalanta to be qualify for Champion League and for Juventus, it was a really emotional match. This was match to enjoy as there was amazing game by both teams. Juventus and Atalanta played really well. In this match there were amazing moments. And in this starting Juventus created a lot of chances to score goals and there was brilliant goalkeeping by both teams goalkeeper. At starting Ronaldo did miss a great chance to score a goal but he tried his best to score. Juventus had more balls on their feet and there possession was great. Both teams shoot equal times but most of shot was targeted by Atalanta in this match and they were the teams who were able to convent goal at the starting moments. This matched had a lot of twist and turns as match had really turning points and it seem that it would be great lost match for Juventus but they came back in this match with a goals at the last minutes. Though in this match Juventus team was a rough while playing this match. But it was great play by both teams. Atalanta played really well and gave hard time to Juventus to win though Juventus was at the top of the table and Atalanta was at 3rd place. So, in a way it was equally matched match too as both teams were some strongest team of Serie A. The first goal scorer of this match was from Atalanta sided as they scored a goal at the starting of match and created pressure on Juventus side. For Atalanta Josip IIicic scored a first goal at 33 minute of the the match. After ward both teams were doing amazing and after the first half the match was on Atalanta side as they had already scored a goal. Then at the crucial moment as match was near to ending Mario Mandzukic scored a goal for Juventus at 80 minute of the match which made this match draw. Both teams tried their hard to score their score second goal but both teams were unable so this matched ended with a draw at the end of this match. This is how the match ended but before the starting of this match, Andrea Brazagli was honored as this was a really emotion for Andrea Brazagli as it was his final appearance for him for the Juventus. Andrea Brazagli joined the Juventus at 2011 and retired at 2019. So, Andrea Brazagli journey was a long journey of 8 years for Juventus. So, this occasion was a really emotion moment for Juventus players and the Juventus worker. So, this match was end of Andrea Brazagli beautiful journey to Juventus. Thanks for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed reading. Be happy and enjoy life.