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Analysis and predictions in Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla FC
Image source This January 10 at 2 and 30 pm will be the eighth-finals match in the Copa del Rey between Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla FC and it is the duel that looks more even in these round of 16, as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atleticos of Madrid will face weaker opponents Already these two teams faced each other and achieved a 1-1 draw. Sevilla coach Pablo Machín trusts the Frenchman Gnagnon, the Argentine Éver Banega, Ben Yedder and André Silva. image source The Athletic Bilbao team, for its part regardless of the tactical drawing chosen by the coach of Sevilla, will opt for a style of play to pass from the very beginning of the game. Without fear of losses in the initiation phase and with the risk that this entails for their interests. Sevilla usually assumes the dominating role of the matches starting its football from its own goalkeeper and central. Perhaps incorporating three players inside in the middle of the field, they always try to generate close pass lines by pulling the dynamism of their players. I am sure that by means of the solution of joining defensive lines, the Athletic Bilbao team will try to reduce the spaces between lines where the half points of Sevilla usually float. With the ball in the hands of Athletic, it will once again be a question of gaining depth without too much risk in the pass, using the diagonals and recoveries of second plays as the main flag through which to attack the Sevillana squad. It is important to note that the double striker would give him more pressure on the central Sevilla, while with a half point the center of the field would be something more wrapped and safe. One of the strategic moves, could act in favor of the Athletic, since they are a characteristic weapon of a team to which this type of action should serve as unquestionable chances of goal. Image source Sevilla FC will go before an Athletic that has returned to the formula of hardened equipment and that takes advantage of the minimum to take parties of hard leg. Sevilla will not shy away from the fight. Machín will have to move his team, because he can not burst the holders in the first half of the year and he will also want to surprise the Basques with variations. Gnagnon, Amadou, Promes or Roque Mesa will have their moments. Players who must champion the rebellion. It will be difficult to see those necessary signings My opinion is that these teams should be tied 2 to 2 And what do you think? What will be the possible outcome of this wonderful meeting?