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Argentina Football National Team, The Comma In Messi's Footballing Career
Someday we would say to our kids and grandkids, "I was privileged to live and witness the glorious era of a little Argentine footballing god who does the seemingly impossible and attained the seemingly unattainable heights in football and that is no other than Lionel Messi Whoever that plays or knows football and doesn't know Lionel Messi must be a real joker, even a little child that just learnt to talk might unsurprisingly spit out the name Messi due to how much he is being talked about. The Argentina attacker plays for Barcelona FC and has spent his entire career at the Spanish club having risen to the top through their academy, La Masia. Messi is considered the backbone of the Barcelona team and without him, the team crawl on their bellies. As much as one, mostly a Barcelona fan would love to argue this, it is no lie that Messi has played a major role in the numerous trophies the Blaguarana team has won ever since his rise to the top, including five times world best award winner and playing a huge part in ending Real Madrid's Spanish dominance and as well, El Clasico. Lionel Messi, blessed with a magical left foot and a rare talent of fast and accurate calculations of the opponents movements and the keeper's odd position didn't allow the growth deficiency hormones he was diagnosed with to affect his future in football which turned out to be a great one. With over 680 goals scored for both club and country and every trophy won domestically and internationally at club level, the Argentine has faced only one major insurmountable challenge in his career and that is gaining success with the Argentina National team. It seems as though the player is cursed at international level and considering how he has managed to lose winning an international trophy despite standing inches away from it, the thoughts might just be considered right. Lionel Messi has found it an uphill task replicating his successes for club team at International level. Thrice he has come close to lifting a trophy with the National team but fluffed it and can be blamed for two out of the three losses. Two Copa America finals against Chile saw the Barca star miss penalties that would without doubt, win them the trophies if he had scored them. The world cup in 2014 was another chance for Messi to win a trophy with the National team but yet again, he and his team lost in extra time to Germany by a goal margin. Not long after that loss, Messi was reported to have clashed with the National team and he tendered his resignation speech from the National team to the public, stating that the Nation does not have any concern for the football National team. So many people called, requesting the superstar take back his decision and return to the National team, a decision he later revoked recently and was part of the team that participated in the preparations of the international break. The first match for Barcelona in the break was against Venezuela and Messi was included in the line up, the match ended 3-1 in favor of the Venezuelans with Messi reported to have picked up an injury. That injury report wasted no time in seeing the Argentine return Barcelona from Wanda Metropolitano where the friendly was hosted. Further reports shows that Messi picked up a minor knock and he preferred to travel back to Barcelona and rather prepare for the upcoming Uefa Champions League match with Manchester United than involve himself in the encounter against Morroco on Tuesday. Controversies have been created time without number over Messi's awkward situation at the National team and how he is considered inferior to his great rival Cristiano Ronaldo, the latter who had won the European cup with his National team. With Barcelona, Messi is a god but with the National team, he is just a man and that hurts. THANKS FOR READING..