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Leo always has to be - Barcelona 3 - 0 Levante
As was to be expected playing in their stadium Leo Messi's team was superior in a strong way with a Levante that wanted to water the difference in their favor during the 90 minutes of the second leg. The technician Valverde did well the move to reserve Messi in the first leg against Levante, for the second round of the Copa del Rey: in the rematch, also with some caciques in the bank (Ter Stegen, Piqué, Busquets, Luis Suárez ), the performance of Leo, well supported by Dembélé, was key to turn the tie against Levante, who had won 2 to 1 in the first leg. In any case, Messi's goal of winning the fifth consecutive Cup was in doubt because Levante announced that it will appeal to the Federation, for what it considers was an improper alignment of Chumi in the first leg. Yes, everything goes to the desk ... The football, the Leo on the court, was again decisive: gave Dembélé the passes of the two goals and defined luxury in 3 to 0, to chop it with class after having been assisted precisely by the French. Thus, Leo (49 goals in Copa del Rey) ratifies his onfire moment: they are six consecutive games with goals (against Tottenham, for Champions, he played 27 minutes). Absent Suárez, Leo moved more through the central area of ​​the attack, with Dembélé on his right and Coutinho on his left. Even so, a Flea was seen in the line of the season, not with permanent contact with the ball but very decisive and with permanent feeling of danger. Leo must always be there, although Valverde did well. Already in the area of definitions, it is to imagine that the coach avoids re-dosing the minutes of his star player in the remainder of the season. This, although the player already admitted that he had understood that he could not play all the matches. But beyond the superiority during the ninety minutes that gave the pass to the next facet of the King's Cup, Barcelo face a new problem against Levante, as they will go to claim the maximum authority of Spanish football by the inclusion of a player suspended in today's game.