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On December 30 Alex Hleb will tell: matches against "Arsenal"-his farewell or not
Do you remember how Alexander Hleb in his blog on SCORUM told who would he call for his farewell match? So: there were details that could bring this event closer. As you know, BATE FC, which included Hleb won the year 2018, in 1/16 UEFA Europa League will meet with Alex’s former team - "Arsenal". Matches will be held in less than two months - on February 14 and 21, 2019. “Why Hleb can complete his career as a football player after these matches?” - you ask. It's simple: in 2017, Alexander was without a club, and the lot of the Europa League 2017/2018 brought together two of his former teams. The one in which he started - FC BATE (Borisov), and the other in which he reached the peak of his career - “Arsenal”(London). Then Alex personally contacted with the Belarusian club and asked in FC BATE to complete his career on the Emirates in the match against the Arsene Wenger's team. But he received a refusal. FC BATE started the 2018 season with a new head coach and he accepted Hleb into the team. Now FC BATE and "Arsenal" will meet again in the Europa League, though not in the group stage, but in 1 / 16th. There is one nuance: the contract between Hleb and the champion of Belarus ends in December 2018, and it is not known whether it will be renewed. But today there is some clarity and intrigue at the same time. In the announcement of the program "Main air. Set points", which will be aired on December 30 at 21.00 by Minsk time on the TV channel "Belarus 1", it is said that Alex will answer the question whether the boots will hang on a nail after matches against "Arsenal". We will wait for the broadcast, but as a fan I would like Hleb to still play ...

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