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Turkish Super League - Akhisarspor 1-3 Beşiktaş [Analysis]
Beşiktaş started second part of the season with an important win at Akhisar away game. They won comfortably, 3-1 but Akhisarspor made a huge mistake. They broke the rules and registered 13 foreign players. We expect federation to forfeit this match 3-0 to Beşiktaş. Source Both teams started the game very fast, we saw a lot of goal possessions in first few minutes. Then Dorukhan Toköz scored a great goal from outside the box. He showed how an eight number should play. Beşiktaş lack shoots and goals from that part while Oğuzhan Özyakup and Tolgay Arslan were playing. Dorukhan is a great addition to the Beşiktaş squad. He takes more minutes and plays better every match. Beşiktaş started second half with another goal and took whole control of the game. Quaresma made great assist to Gökhan Gönül header. This was his second goal this season. Quaresma has killer balls to box, if somebody makes a good header it's inevitable to see the ball inside. Third goal came from Cyle Larin. He missed a few before this goal. Some because of offside lines, some bad luck. But he broke that unlucky chain and scored finally. He looked hungry after Burak Yılmaz signing. We will see a good competition for striker position. For now Şenol Güneş seems like to give chance to Burak Yılmaz more. He played 64 minutes today. That was his first match after eleven years with Beşiktaş jersey. Fans didn't show him love but that's another blog's subject. Burak Yılmaz at his first game for Beşiktaş At the time fans were chanting and celebrating the win Akhisarspor found a goal. Impressive! Just another match Beşiktaş couldn't finish as clean sheet. I wonder how long will they keep this *cough* run. Cikalleshi scored and that's the final score of the game. Isimat Mirin played solid at his first game. He was nowhere near Pepe's level but he looked confident. Vida - Mirin stopper crew will make good things in the future. I can't complain for now. Rules Are Clear Akhisarspor registered 13 foreign players instead of 12. They realised this mistake after they submitted squad list. They sent Milan Lukac to fans seat but that won't save them. We will probably see federation decision tomorrow and Beşiktaş will make it 3-0. This is not good for players statistics though. They won't be counted. I'm sure Llajic will be pissed after he made 2 assists. Beşiktaş won a victory they deserved at Akhisar. They need that 3 points and now scoring table looks more confusing. 5 teams has same points, 29. If 4 others lose some points Beşiktaş will have a good spot in first games after the break. Championship race is more competitive than ever. Standings in Super League