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Top 10 Sports in the World
10) American Football The fan base of American football is concentrated in the United States. American football is one of the most watched sports clubs in the United States. The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sports league in the world. NFL TV rights are sold billions of dollars a year. NFL is very popular on the internet in USA. Google is doing a very high level search for US football in the US. Elsewhere, the popularity of sports is negligible. Thanks to its fan base, it also has an impressive position in social media. Teams and athletes are often among the biggest trends in social media. 9) Rugby The most popular sport of 390-410 million fans (mainly in France, England, New Zealand and South Africa). Rugby is widely played in France. It has a strong tradition in the Basque, Oksite and Catalan peoples in the border regions between Spain and France. Rugby TV visibility is pretty good in the countries being played. In other countries it is ignored. TV rights deals made for rugby tournaments are not as big as football, cricket or tennis, but they are still quite expensive. The sport, which is popular enough on the internet, has high search rates in the respective countries. Rugby has limited presence in social media. 8) Beyzbol There are about 500 million fanatics in America, Japan, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. There is a lot of viewers in these countries. Sports are widely watched on TV in the US, Cuba and Japan. The audience is not that busy in other countries around the world. TV rights deals for the US MLB and Japan's Nippon League have reached hundreds of millions of dollars. Sports are widely popular on the internet in countries where they are played. The search for this sport in Google in the US is also quite high. Sports's social media presence is pretty good in the US, Cuba, Japan and the Dominican Republic. The presence in other countries is unimportant. 7) Ping pong The fans of table tennis are scattered around the world. Millions of hobbies, amateur players and professional actors have more than 900 million people around the world. Table tennis visibility on television is limited only to the Olympics and other major international events. TV rights agreements for table-tennis champions and tournaments around the world are not that impressive. The internet popularity of table tennis is pretty good. The Olympics and other major competitions and tournaments during the game are peaking calls. But in social media, the presence is very limited. 6) Volleyball With about 900 million fans in Asia, Europe, America and Australia, Volleyball has a certain number of fans in almost every country of the world. Sports visibility on TV is limited to big matches. The Olympic volleyball event attracts fans from around the world. TV rights opportunities for volleyball events are not great. Sport has a remarkable level of popularity on the internet. The presence in social media is changing from country to country. But it is lower than other sports. 5) Tennis There are about 1 billion people in Europe, America and Asia. Although developed countries are more popular than developing countries, they have a very good fan base all over the world. Big tennis competitions, four grand slams, are watched by more than 400 million people worldwide. TV rights deals with other major tennis tournaments around the world such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and US Open can generate millions of dollars in revenue. Tennis has a great popularity on the internet. Perhaps the third most popular sport on the internet after football and cricket. Tennis players are in a very good position in social media. 4) Hockey Hockey has more than 2 billion fans in the world. These fans include both field hockey supporters and ice hockey. In Pakistan, India, Australia, England, Germany, Malaysia and the Netherlands, grass hockey has a moderate TV appearance. Ice hockey is also common in the US and Canada. Hockey leagues around the globe, including grass hockey leagues and ice hockey leagues, are enjoying pretty good TV rights opportunities. Hockey has a good level of popularity on the internet. The number of hockey searches varies by country and season. Hockey is not impressive on social media. 3) Basketball The number of basketball fans in the world is between 2 and 3 billion. Most of the fans are concentrated in the US, Canada, China, Japan and the Philippines. Basketball has the highest rate of watching on television in the US. The NBA, the US National Basketball League, is the world's most popular league and is watched by millions of fans around the world as well as in the US. TV rights opportunities for bigger leagues of sports can reach billions of dollars. In 2016, the NBA sold $ 24 billion in TV rights for nine years. This amounts to about $ 2.6 billion per year. As for internet searches ... Basketball players are among the world's most sought-after athletes. It's quite popular on the internet. Big names like Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant follow millions of people all over the world. 2) Cricket The cricket fans are limited to some countries. However, some of the world's largest countries are playing this sport. In general, with about 2 to 3 billion fans, cricket is the sport with the world's 2nd largest number of fans. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa and Australia. One of the most watched sports in England. Approximately 2.2 billion people around the world watched the 2016 Cricket World Cup on their television. He owns hundreds of millions of dollars worth of TV rights. Cricket has an increasing popularity on the internet for years. Cricket-related searches are increasing day by day. This is partly due to the increase in internet access for countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India where cricket is famous. In social media, cricket is limited to the countries where it is played. 1)football Soccer is the sport with the most fan base in almost all regions of the world. The number of people who follow regularly and follow global and regional competitions is extraordinary. When it comes to TV visibility, football is definitely king. When there is regional or global international competition, billions of soccer fans are locked into TV screens. FIFA, World Cup 2018 and World Cup 2022 collected more than 1.85 billion for TV rights! The popularity of football on the internet is quite evident. There are hundreds of millions of searches. Different social media are full of soccer related content. The only action on the scene of a world famous footballer is enough to sit on the social media summit.