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Will the "Old Curse" make Liverpool "throw away" the whole season?
Image Source THE IMAGE OF LIVERPOOL FULL OF TEMPERAMENT, FLATTENING EVERY OPPONENT SEEMS TO BE ON THE VERGE OF DECLINE IN RECENT YEARS. THEY HAVE BEEN OVERTAKEN BY MANCHESTER CITY IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE AND PROBABLY THE LIVERPOOL MANAGER, JURGEN KLOPP'S MERITS IN THE WHOLE SEASON WILL BE OVER. After the match against Everton, coach Jurgen Klopp was mad at the ball boy who provoked the manager by clapping sarcastically at the end of Sunday's Merseyside derby. Next, he was frustrated by the reporter's question in the press room. Even the German gaffer was "knowledgeable" to the point of blaming the weather, making it impossible for Liverpool to win the match. In the past, coach Jurgen Klopp was famous as a fire-blooded person, but he rarely lost control in frustration. Through the above, one can see the pressure on the shoulders of the passionate strategist. No one can deny the fact that coach Jurgen Klopp has really turned Liverpool into a formidable team, rich in confidence. But his team still lacks something at the critical moment to succeed. Remember, in the 2013/14 season, Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool also dropped the championship extremely painful in the final rounds. And also last year December, Liverpool still left City with a 10-point gap. But in the sprint stage, they were out of breath. In the last 6 matches, The Club had drawn close to 4 matches (Leicester, West Ham, Manchester United and Everton). Manchester City had made good use of these advantage to rise above them in the league standings. Earlier, Man City won against Liverpool in a direct confrontation. Image Source There are certain psychological problems that exist in Liverpool. As in the match against Everton, Mohamed Salah had at least two good chances but he couldn't convert known against Jordan Pickford. Meanwhile, the rest of the forwards like Sadio Mane, Origi and Firmino did not show any sign of sharpness in the game at all. There were statistics that worried Liverpool fans, the trio of Sadio Mane, Salah and Firmino who were going down badly. The most expected, Salah only scored 1 goal in the last 7 matches. Sadio Mane also "stunned" in three recent matches and also Firmino is yet to find the back of the net since January. With this stats, it shows that the trio ( Salah, Mane and Firmino) has lost their form in the past. They think and consider too much when they receive the ball. At the beginning of the season, when the psychology was comfortable, they were brave and surpassed their opponents with ease but now they are performing woefully. Not to mention, the pressure from the Champions League had also made Liverpool "panic" in the Premier League. Because of that, Gary Neville advises that the club need to let go in the Champions League and solely focus on conquering the Premier League. Of course, the opportunity remains intact with Liverpool. Their schedule in the upcoming rounds is still better than that of Pep Guardiola's City who are still going face the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham in the upcoming rounds. Image Source However, Liverpool's problem now is to win games. They have dropped a very crucial points against Leicester City and West Ham over the past time. Coach Jurgen Klopp needs to make sure that it does not repeat itself Otherwise, he will only blame himself if they eventually missed out on the championship trophy.

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