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Dismantling lies
Cristiano RonaldoIf you have followed all my publications carefully since I arrived at, you will have noticed that I am a loyal fan of Real Madrid and a great admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo. This being so, it may seem strange that in my blog I have never talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and his new stage in Juventus or about the bad walk of Real Madrid since the departure of Portuguese. This is because I was waiting for the perfect moment to address the issue in the way I wanted and that moment has come. Today is exactly 6 months of the day that Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid to sign for Juventus. Many things have happened since then and I think it's been a prudent time to start drawing conclusions about it. From Spain, the merengue fans and Madrid newspapers were responsible for putting together a disqualification campaign against Cristiano Ronaldo based on lies, which tried to show that what was done by the Portuguese in his 9 years in Madrid was not something so big and put in doubt their quality and individual influence. When I saw this kind of thing in the newspapers and as many Madridistas repeated it, I could not help but laugh and feel sorry for others. Today we will dismantle several of these football lies that were created around the march of Cristiano Ronaldo and we will see how they were nothing more than a sad attempt to correct the sadness and resentment that burned in each of Madridistas hearts. "Without Cristiano in the team, Bale will finally occupy the role of star". Bale will never be the star of Real MadridOne of the things that was always said every time that Cristiano was going through a bad moment at Real Madrid, was that the figure of Gareth Bale was overshadowed by the Portuguese and that did not let him show all his talent. There was always talk of how Gareth Bale had to switch to the right wing, since the band he played for at Tottenham and for which he won twice the MVP of the Premier League, was owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. Once the departure of the Portuguese star was confirmed, all Madrid fans took refuge in Bale as a new white idol. The truth is that his figure was over magnified due to his good season closing and especially his splendid performance in the final of Kiev. Real Madrid blindly hoped that Bale was that player of Tottenham for which he paid a record at the time and lead the Real Madrid in this tough transition, easily forgetting a certain Cristiano Ronaldo; Nothing is further from reality. The Welshman started on the right foot, but quickly began to fade, as did the aspirations of Real Madrid. Then, as usual, the injuries returned and we saw again the usual Bale who spends more time in the infirmary than in the field. And the reality is that when I was on the field, the difference was not much either.At this point of the season the Welshman has a poor record of 4 goals and 2 assists in 15 league games, far from what was expected of him or, rather, what the idyllic imagination of Real Madrid wanted to believe. The truth is that Bale has become a nuisance in Madrid; an uncomfortable tenant who does not care if he is or if he is not and who plays by decree despite his poor performance. Today he is injured and does not seem to care about anyone. The call to be a new white idol again disappointed as has become custom, making it clear that so many things that were said about him and Cristiano Ronaldo were nothing but lies. "Now the goals are shared among all". Bale (4), Benzema (7) and Asensio (1) added did not reach the number of goals by Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy (14)Another thing that was said after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo is that now the merengue scoring quota was going to be shared among all the players. They criticized that Cristiano monopolized the goals of the team, but not for his individual quality and scoring ability; but because everyone played for him and they lived so that the Luso swelled to goals. The detractors affirmed that the 50 goals that marked the Portuguese by season were insignificant and that without him, now the rest of the group would see more opportunities facing the opposite goal. It seemed very easy to say that without Cristiano in the Asensio team he would score more than 15 goals, Bale would contribute another 20 and finally Karim Benzema would come out of the yoke of Cristiano who forced him to play for him and assume the role of goal scorer of the team. Six months later the results are more than evident: Real Madrid faces its worst scoring charts in years. Who would say that scoring goals was such a difficult thing? Real Madrid has just scored 28 goals this season; of which 7 have been Benzema, 4 Bale and Asensio. Among these three players, called to forget the goals of Cristiano, added do not even reach the number of so many that holds the Portuguese currently in Serie A. And maybe they say that Benzema now has more goals than all last season, but there would be to be really bad for not scoring more than 4 goals in the league, which were all the goals scored by the French in 2017-2018. Of course, that was not noticed so much because there was one Cristiano Ronaldo who scored 27 goals in the League and another 14 in the UEFA Champions League. "Cristiano Ronaldo will not score 10 goals in Italy". Cristiano is the current Capocannoniere of Serie A with 14 goalsAnd the last of Madrid's inventions about Cristiano Ronaldo that we will analyze today is that the Portuguese crack would not achieve in Italy nor close to his goalscoring records in Real Madrid. It is impossible to hide the rude amount of goals scored by Cristiano in Spain, but his new detractors began to attribute it to the set of stars for which he was surrounded. According to them it was very easy to score 50 goals when the whole team played for you. In addition, they questioned the individual quality of Cristiano by stating that without Madrid he would not score 10 goals in Serie A, where he would be reduced by the tough Italian defenses. Today, 6 months later, we see Cristiano Ronaldo positioned as the Capocannoniere of Serie A, after scoring 14 goals in 19 games. In addition, the Portuguese has led Juventus to the best start of its history, scoring goals of all shapes and colors. The bianconeri team is on track for its 8th consecutive Scudetto in the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Portuguese meanwhile, has a projection scoring from here to the end of the season that scares, proving that all the goals he scored in Spain were not chance. During the preseason of Real Madrid in the United States, I was very annoyed to see how a fan held a sign that said sarcastically "Who needs Ronaldo?", Alluding to the traumatic departure of the Portuguese. This type of things added to the media campaign of Sergio Ramos and the Madrid media against Cristiano simply made me angry no more. Then I got to hear ridiculous things like Lopetegui's Madrid was better playing better than Barcelona's Guardiola, after having beaten 3-0 in the Champions League to an insipid Rome; in addition to the other lies I mentioned earlier. Today we see the sad reality for the whole merengue after so many things that were said. Call it karma if you want, but in the end time always gives the reason to whoever has it. The result is clear about who misses more than whom. While Cristiano smiles in Italy, Real Madrid fights to enter the Champions positions in a season in which everything indicates that they were left with a great and immense "Nadaplete".