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The UEFA Nation's League A will be the third match between Poland and Italy.
The UEFA Nation's League A will be the third match between Poland and Italy. Poland had a 1-1 draw against Italy in the first round. And after a 2-to-3 defeat to Portugal in the second round of home, you hit Italy again. Italy also lost to Portugal 1-0. The losing team is likely to be demoted to the lower league. Especially if Italy suffers another humiliation of being demoted in the Nation's League after failing to advance to the finals of the last World Cup in Russia, the mood in Italy will further deteriorate. Following the World Cup, it could affect the EU's biggest event, the Euro 2020. Italy lost to France, Portugal with three draws and two losses in the last five games and played a draw against the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. After serving as the head of the national team, Roberto Munchini won only one victory in the friendly match with Saudi Arabia. Italy, known as a defensive team, has recorded the worst score in all eight games in a row, including an A match this year, but Munchini has yet to rebound. The match against Poland, which was awarded with one point each in the first round, is expected to have similar results as recently. Poland also lost two draws and one loss in three recent matches after winning against Japan in the last World Cup. Captain Lewandowski of Poland has not scored in five games. Poland scored two goals in the last match against Portugal, but Lewandowski who played full-time, failed to score with one assist. I look forward to his scoring in this game. As in the first round, we expect both teams to score and play in the draw.