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Why Is Brazil FIFA World Cup Masters?
Source I've always wondered why Brazil is regarded as the masters of FIFA World Cup and I used to think it was some kind of hype until I made some research about them online and got some facts Brazilians love football like no other countries. They have this strong flair for football and that's why we always see Brazil producing world class players. If you started watching football in the early 2000s you should have watched the matches of the likes of Delima Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Cafu, Ronaldinho, Kaka and many others. I don't think I'm wrong if I say that almost every Brazilian squad is made up of amazing players. Brazil is the only team that has qualified and participated at the World Cup 21 times, and I think this is the reason why people often say that World Cup is incomplete without the Samba boys Source According to my little research, I was able to gather some facts about Brazil that made them the most successful country at the World Cup 1. Brazil has 22 appearances at the World Cup since its inauguration in 1930 2. They have a total of 73 wins, 18 draws and 17 losses at the World Cup with Germany coming second with 67 wins 2. From 1938 to 1958, Brazil has scored at least a goal in 18 consecutive goals world cup games 3. Brazil remains a country that has scored most goals at the World Cup. They've scored a total of 229 goals with Germany coming second with 226 goals 4. Brazil has kept the record of the longest unbeaten runs of 13 games starting from the first game of 1958 World Cup to the second game of 1966 World Cup. They won 11 games and drew 2 games Source Lastly, one remarkable record has kept Brazil ahead of other nations when it comes to World Cup is that they've won it 5 times.. Oh you heard me right! 5 solid times Germany is the country that comes next to Brazil in every World Cup record Brazil is a team most of us like to see at the World Cup even though we are not Brazilians, we still want to see their performance at the tournament. I know how myself and some of my friends were unhappy when Brazil crashed out of 2018 World Cup. However, Brazil is indeed a great country when it comes to football. They have everything we look forward to in a dynasty but it's saddening that the dynasty is no longer there. The Brazil we used to know has lost its twinkle. The dynasties that made them 5 World Cup Champions have reduced. But the fact remains the same that Brazil is FIFA World Cup Masters Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😎 If there's any mix up in my post please feel free to make necessary corrections in the comment section

Фанаты Лондонского «Арсенала» ликуют после выступления Лукаса Торрейры, против Бразилии.
Полузащитник «Арсенала» Лукас Торрейра показывает свою впечатляющую форму в матче Уругвай - Бразилия. Однако сборная Уругвая все же проиграла со счетом 1: 0 , а Неймар забил единственный гол в игре. Тем не менее, Торрейра заработал множество аплодисментов за игру в Эмиратах. С момента своего трансфера из Сампдории, Торрейра стала играть лучше и оказался на виду у тренера Унай Эмери. Качественная игра "канониров" - это отчасти впечатляющая форма молодого уругвайца. Его присутствие обеспечило уверенность в полузащите лондонского клуба, которой не хватало много лет. В пятницу вечером Торрейра еще раз продемонстрировал свои качества, оказав сильное сопротивление команде Бразилии. В течение 90 минут он делал ряд впечатляющих передач и перехватов.