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English Premier League Burnley v Fulham Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
The premier league is no doubt the most competitive league in Europe at the moment. It is thus not surprising to see a number of teams struggling to get their hands on their coveted prices. While this is true, some people are wrapped in a battle to survive in this league and play next season. This is what makes the game between Burnley and Fulham very much interesting. Source Burnley is a team on a clear mission. That mission would no doubt include playing football next season and so far, their mission is proving to be mightily successful. Burnley is currently above the drop zone and sits 16th on the table. In the 21 matches that have been played in the league so far, they have managed to end with 18 points. They are just two points off the relegation zone. If results do not go their way in this match which they are going to play tomorrow, they would very well find themselves in the relegation zone. However, a win here would see them maintain their position in the league and move closer to the comfort zone in the league. Source Fulham season is on the verge of collapse. There is no doubt that Fulham would need to step up their game if they want to stay in the league next season. Their woeful season can be seen from their present standing in the league. Currently, Fulham sits in 19th position in the league. They have only accumulated 14 games from the first 21 games that have been played in the league so far. These are desperate times for this team and they would be hoping that they can start their climb out of the zone with a win when they meet Fulham. They are 4 points into the zone and would be hoping to close the gap right now if they can. A loss to Burnley could very mean that they would be way deeper into the relegation zone. It would also make it harder for them to propel themselves out in the long run. Source One thing that decides how a football match goes at times is the current form of both teams. Burnley has a fairly good form running into this match. They have gone on a three-match winning streak so far and would be hoping to make it four when they meet with Fulham at the Turf Moor. However, their other three matches have all ended in losses. Burnley would be hoping that they have put this behind them and would look to improve their standings in the league. Fulham has been woeful in recent times. They have won just a game in their last six. Presently, they are on a two-match losing streak and would be hopeful the streak does not continue for too long. Their other matches have ended in three losses and two draws. The battle of the relegation zone is always one in which a lot of teams battle until the final drop of blood. This match would not be any different.