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FIFA Women's World Cup Canada Women v Netherlands Women Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
Right in the core of the tournament, the women world cup is heating up and fast. With some groups already done with their games, other teams would be desperate to get wins under their belt. With the best losers of each group also joining the teams in the next round, there would be a race against time to ensure that they make that list if they should miss the straight qualification. However, for both Canada and Netherlands, qualification to the next stage seems almost sure as they are both in clear dominance of the group. This match, therefore, is more to decide who ends up at the supreme end of the group as both teams would be looking to the next round. Source Netherlands The team which has really lit up, during the World Cup is the Netherlands. They have been simply amazing so far and that has shown in their group standings so far. Having been placed in group E alongside Canada, Cameroon and New Zealand, they have risen above them all to claim top spot so far with 6 points. While they have already qualified for the next stage, their right to top the group is still being challenged by Canada who is the only team with the power to dislodge them at the top. However, Canada would have to put up a spectacular display to stop the force of Netherland. Canada Hearing the coach asserting that he would play a very strong side in this game, Canada would still fancy their chances against this team. Also on 6 points with their counterparts, they would have it at the back of their minds that there is very little left to lay for as this game is to decide who remains top of the group. While their ambition would be to end up, Netherlands wild be quite tough to handle. It is a game that seems destined to go down to the wire as both teams would be anxious to win. One thing which would particularly be intimidating would be their current form. Source Form The Netherlands has been in outstanding form and that’s really what you should expect from a team topping the charts. With six games having been played in the past weeks, they are yet to fall to defeat during this period. In fact, they have hardly drawn these matches as it has been a smooth sail for them. With the current activities, you can expect them to feel that they are capable of winning this game. Canada would feel otherwise. The truth is that their form has not been terrible but just pales when compared with the Netherlands's form. With just one loss, they have held their own in recent times. They have also managed to win three games in the last six matches. It’s been a great time for this beautiful country and they would no doubt be looking to their women to make them proud. Source The Women World Cup is a beautiful game and we are bound to see some exceptional matches. This might just be one of them.

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