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English Premier League Fulham v Cardiff Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
What happens when two teams that are in trouble meet in the league? It is sure to be an interesting fixture. For most people, this is where the team that has the most chances should win. This is the situation both Cardiff and Fulham face. With one team already gone through relegation, Cardiff faces an uphill task when it comes to qualifying. The simple truth is that they would need an act of God before they are able to qualify. But as the premier league has shown in recent times, anything can happen in the league. Source Fulham Fulham time in the premier league is finally over. They have simply had a woeful season and there had been no getting out. They are currently in 19th place in the league. They have amassed about 23 points. With just 9 points remaining this season and an 11 points gap between them and relegation, it is a battle which has left them a long time ago. While they may have realized this, they still have bright to play for and that would surely kick in when they play in front of their home fans. This is what they would be hoping for when they welcome Cardiff to their stadium. Cardiff Cardiff is in a bad position but not an impossible one. With just three games to go, they are currently in 18th position. They are three points behind Brighton and would require two wins out of the remaining three games if Brighton loses their remaining three games or least two to qualify. They have amassed 31 points, just three behind Brighton who has a massive goal difference in their value. They would be looking to make wise use of this in the buildup to the last match. This is the only thing left to play for and Cardiff would want to give it everything that they got. Victory in all three matches could very well secure their status in the premier league. Source Form When it comes to the form, there is nothing impressive here. Fulham has won two of their last six games. The remaining ones have ended in losses. However, they would take confidence from the fact that the matches were won were the last two matches played. They would be hoping to make it three on the bounce when they come in opposition to Cardiff who would surely be desperate for a win. It would surely be an interesting thing, to say the least. Cardiff, on the other hand, is not faring any better. They have managed to win two of the last six games in the league. The remaining matches have ended in four losses. The last game they played was against Liverpool where they lost 2-0. They would be looking to win against Fulham in order to give themselves a fighting chance for the end of the season. It would surely be interesting to see if they can pull it off. Source The relegation battle is an intense one and it would be fascinating to see how it all turns out. Bet on this fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!