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English Premier League Cardiff v Huddersfield Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
While there is a lot of interest in where the premier league would go this season, you cannot just help but marvel at the relegation battle. With every game that is played, teams are battling for points which would turn out to be crucial come to the end of the season. Among teams who would surely do battle are Cardiff and Huddersfield. That battle would surely be extended when they face each other in the league. Source Cardiff is a very lucky team. The truth is their campaign has been in shambles so far. The total minutes in which they have led games in the league this season stands at 93. However, somehow, they find themselves in 17th position just above the drop. However, only one point separates them from the drop. They would be aware that a single loss would probably plunge them deeper into the relegation battle this season. Huddersfield is doing even worse. Throughout the entire season, they have managed to only win twice. This has been compounded by the fact that Huddersfield has not gotten a single point from their last ten matches that have been played. They are currently on a nine-match losing streak and if history has anything to say, they would probably also lose this match heavily. Source When it comes to their current form, both teams really have nothing to lose on to. Cardiff’s win has simply been dreadful in recent games. They have won just once in their last six games in the league. The other matches have ended in four losses and a single draw. They would be hoping to make improvements when they face Huddersfield. Huddersfield form is even worse. They have failed to win a single game in their last six games. In fact, all the matches played have ended in losses. It remains to be seen if they can use this match as a springboard to even better performances in the future. Cardiff has some persistent injuries still in the team. You can expect their team to be without Kadeem Harris and Danny Ward due to injuries sustained in previous matches. Source Cardiff city would be hoping to win this game. A win here today would take them further out of the relegation drop. It would also mean that they would find a way out of their losing streak. They would be hoping that the home advantage would be enough to take the game from Huddersfield. They would also be hoping that the terrible form of Huddersfield would help them to secure victory on the night. Huddersfield would be hoping that a win here today would be able to give them the needed momentum to kick on in the league. It is thus clear that this match would be something that both teams would want to get under their belt. It remains to be seen how this match would turn out. One thing is certain and that is this match would not lack any passion in any way whatsoever.