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Ronaldo took the Super Cup, and soon there will be a Scudetto. Retirement from Real - the best solution for his heritage
Cristiano has foreseen everything. Juventus won, Ronaldo scored. The formula, which works flawlessly in Serie A, has spread to the Super Cup with Milan. Only the entourage has changed (the match was held in Saudi Jeddah), but not the typical course of the game of "the Old Lady". Full control of the situation, and after removing Kessié the final 15 minutes turned into a formality. Substitute the name of any other Italian team - there will not be any fundamental differences in the description of their game with Juve. Cristiano now has 13 different cups in the trophy room. Only Dani Alves and the Swedish king Zlatan have more. And this is the best proof of the correctness of Cristiano, who left Real Madrid in the summer. It is customary to praise Zinedine Zidane for his insight, who left at an absolute peak after three victories in the Champions League, but for his image as a still young coach, even an unsuccessful restructuring of the team would not have done much damage. He has the opportunity to take the time and try, Cristiano has not had it for a long time. Ronaldo's decision is very similar to the last design of LeBron James, who squeezed everything out of Cleveland and left for a more attractive franchise. Strangely enough, but Juve is now more promising than “Los Blancos”: both in composition and in charge for a euro cup. With Real, Cristiano won absolutely everything, and spending the few seasons that the Portuguese are still able to spend on prime time, in restructuring mode, is extremely short-sighted. Ronaldo, like James with all the other great ego-centers, focuses on his legacy, and the Italian Serie A is the best place for guys over 30 to stay in the top of the statistical charts. “I wanted to start the year 2019 with a trophy. Now I have the first title with Juventus. And this is just the beginning. We took the Super Cup, now we have to work hard to continue to win trophies,” - Cristiano clearly understands what is needed for the sixth Golden Ball, for which Ron will have a couple more attempts. The effect of novelty, trophies and important goals - it is impossible not to recognize, the Portuguese striker has chosen the ideal location for a new career stage. Forget that Perez allegedly did not appreciate Ronaldo. Cristiano left Real Madrid because he understood that in Madrid the trophy field was noticeably exhausted, and in Turin there is a chance to hook more than one cup - to Juventus in Italy of course, no equal in power. And when in a few years all his awards from the Italian period will be entered into Wikipedia, who would dare say that Ron was wrong.