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Scottish Premiership Celtic v Hearts Match Preview ⚽ ⚽
These are the last matches of the season for the Scottish premier league and teams would be looking to make one last leap in the league. For most teams, however, they already have a pretty good idea of how the season would turn out for them. However, There are still some things to settle and these last matches would give these teams an opportunity to do that. Therefore, when Celtic and Hearts meet in Celtic Park, they would be looking for ways to make sure that their season ends in a glorious note. Source Celtic Celtic have always been on top in the Scottish league. This has been the practice for such a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them up there once more. At the season dwindles down, they are in 1st position in the game. They have managed to amass 84 points in the 37 matches which have been played. Their next rival rangers sit in 2nd position, some six points behind them. With this in mind, Celtic would know that they have nothing to fear heading into this game as their lead is under lock and key until further notice. They would, however, want to give their fans something to cheer before the end of the season comes. Hearts Hearts have had a pretty good season by their standards. Their season has been uneventful and they would be happy to finish the season. They are currently 6th in the league. They have also managed to gain 51 points in 37 games. They would be looking to put the icing on the cake with this win. However, a game against Celtic is hardly a game which they would have loved to have. They are 3 points off 5th placed Hibernian. They would be looking to get a good result here. Source Form Another thing which you have to take in recognizance would the form of both teams. Celtic have won three matches out of the last six games that they have played. The remaining matches have ended up in two draws and a loss. They have won two of their last three matches that they have played and would surely be hungry for more. It remains to be seen just what they would be able to achieve with this match. Hearts, on the other hand, are not in a good place at the moment. They have won just once in the league in the last six matches which they have played. The remaining matches have ended in four losses and a draw. They have gone four matches without a win and things would surely begin to look bleak for them. A win against Celtic would give them their morale back and probably elevate them to new heights for one last time before the season ends. Source The Scottish premier league is bound to end soon. However, before it ends, we would be treated to last rounds of brilliance and magical moments. It remains to be seen how this one will end. Bet on Sports fixture now at - A super fast commission free betting exchange for sports fans!