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Klop will walk alone if he fails to deliver the title tonight for The KOP
Klop will walk alone if he fails to deliver the title tonight There is no better way to start your new month than this, watching the champions league final is definitely worth advocating time for . in preparation of watching the final get your chilled beer and be ready to be lost in the moment. The final of the champions league will be between Liverpool and Tottenham. Yo! You heard me right, spurs are in the final of the champions league. This is their first time of playing at this stage of the champions league and not to belittle their achievement, they are not worthy of being in the final . the teams they overcame to be in the final were more worthy. teams like Man City and Ajax; they luckily eliminated Man City on away goal run, this was after Man city have played them and we're sure of progression but a lucky header by ilorentte in the dying minutes sealed their elimination fate. Ajax on the other was solid and they should have been in the final, having seen off Real Madrid in style and also beating Ronaldo Juventus to get to the semi-final; and they almost saw off Tottenham but were unlucky and wasteful in front of goals and also with their ball hitting the goal post thrice after winning the first leg. Tottenham have been on a lucky ride since the man city game. Liverpool, on the other hand, has fought their way out at one of the most difficult champions league group involving PSG, Napoli and them. Came second and face quality teams like Bayern Munich and Barcelona. They performed exceedingly well in these games. Despite losing 3 nil to Barcelona in the first leg, the match they didn’t deserve to lose with such a margin but they overcame in the second leg and came on top and won 4 nil at Anfield. They never walked alone, because the whole stadium and fan and the football world, in general, was behind them. But at this final, klop will walk alone if he fails to deliver the champions league Trophy tonight. If he loses this chance with Tottenham being the opponent that would love to play against because they are probably the weakest team; and also having a injuries crises. With Jurgen klop having been in a 2 champions league final and one Europa league final and losing all. this is a time for him to redeem himself. he is yet to win anything for Liverpool and he is always coming close but this time, he will have no excuses than to deliver or be sacked. he is done a tremendous Job at Liverpool winning the title will help him write his name also on history books. so this is Jurgen Klop best and probably last chance to win the champions league. the verdict of the match, Liverpool to win with 2 goals, i.e Liverpool (2-0) Tottenham