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This is What Would Happen If Ronaldo-Messi Both Play At Barcelona
Source I was on a forum where someone actually brought this topic up for discussion and I decided to make a post out of it. After Ronaldo left Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009, what would have happened if he was shipped to Barcelona? Doesn't it sound pleasing to the ears and a dream come true for every football fan that they will be watching two world best players playing in the same team? To be honest, it's going to be the deadliest combination for a club to have two powerhouse in the same team but unfortunately such a thing hardly happen in football, but assuming it happens, they would would be a terrorist to any defense in the world 😁 In as much as I would like to experience what the combination of these two great players in the same team which is almost impossible, but let's look at the big picture that could have been a hindrance if it happened Source 1. The ego between these two world class players would have been too much of a headache for any manager 2. They may not perform as they have been performing because the rivalry between them has made them play their best in their respective clubs. Their combination could have prevented both of them from winning Ballon d'Or five times. 3. Messi is a player that knows how to dribble very well and also knows the right place to put the pass while Ronaldo knows how to run and position himself, but in the case of both of them playing in the same team, Ronaldo would score more goals than Messi as Messi would be more of assist to Ronaldo Source 4. Messi would probably perform more than Ronaldo due to the fact that Messi's style of play suits that of Barcelona. Ronaldo"s style of play doesn't really suit Barcelona's style of play. 5. Ronaldo would not stay long at Barcelona. The reason is this; Ronaldo is a player with a more bigger ego than Messi and wouldn't want to play in a club where another player outshines him. If one shines, other one fades. He would want to be in a club where he wants to be the best. Source These are just assumptions which could either be right or wrong, so let me end this post while I anticipate your opinions in the comment section Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😎