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Clubs that can get rid of Barcelona in the Champions League last 6 seasons
Today I am writing again about Ball Sports. This time I will discuss the matches in the Champions League! To be precise, I will discuss about the steps of Barcelona which have been stopped several times in the Champions League last 6 seasons. image source Barcelona is one of the biggest and best clubs in the world from Spain. Barcelona is the 3rd best club in the world today according to UEFA. Barcelona can also be regarded as a club that controls La Liga in the last 4 seasons. Barcelona also won the Champions League the last time 4 seasons ago (14/15). However, post-champions Barcelona even more sluggish and always eliminated in the Big 8. So from that, here are some clubs that can get rid of Barcelona in the Champions League last 6 seasons. AS Roma (2017/2018) Barcelona's first defeat in this list we started from the latest, which was last season by AS Roma. AS Roma is a club from the Italian capital, Rome. AS Roma is also a big club. Although the same status as the top club, Barcelona is more favored because it has a number of more powerful players and more UCL trophies. But this time AS Roma managed to silence all predictions. The second meeting of the club took place in the Round of 8. The first leg was held at Camp Nou, Barcelona's great headquarters. Playing at home, Barcelona managed to take advantage of the situation and hit Rome 4 - 1. Barcelona was on the wind but Rome did not give up. On Leg 2 held at the Olimpico in Rome, a big surprise occurred. Barcelona, which almost advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League, must accept defeat. AS Roma managed to slaughter Barcelona 3-0 at the Olimpico and qualify with a 4-4 aggregate. AS Roma escaped thanks to the rules of the away goal.Juventus (2016/2017) Barcelona's second defeat in the previous season was caused by the Italian giants, this time it was Juventus who conquered Barcelona. Juventus are a Turin club and also the strongest club in Italy. Previously, Juventus had been humiliated by Barcelona 3-1 when Barcelona won the UCL 14/15. Therefore, at that time Barcelona was far more favored than i Bianconerri. But Juventus managed to change the prediction. The meeting of the two giants also took place in the last eight. Leg 1 is held at Juventus Stadium. Leg 1 held at home to Juventus made Juventus really go berserk. Juventus at that time managed to win with a score of 3-0. At that time Dybala was the one who became a star because he managed to score a brace. The 2nd Leg is held at Camp Nou. But what can be done, Barcelona is like helpless and unable to avenge Juventus. The 2nd Leg ends with a score of 0 - 0 and Barcelona is certain to fall in the last 8.Atletico Madrid (2015/2016) Furthermore, Barcelona's third defeat was caused by his own compatriot rivals, Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid is a club from Madrid, Spain. These two clubs always meet because they play in the same league. But in this match it's quite different because they met at UCL. Barcelona is also considered to be stronger, of course, far superior. But even rising Atletico Madrid can turn things around. The second Spanish giants meeting took place in the UCL 15/16 Big Round. Leg 1 is held at Barcelona's headquarters, Camp Nou. Similarly, when facing AS Roma, Barcelona managed to win at home. They bent Atletico with a score of 2 - 1. In the second leg Atletico managed to avenge him to Barcelona. The match at the Vicente Calderon was also Barcelona's last match at UCL 15/16 because they managed to be humiliated by Atletico Madrid 2-0. Atletico qualified 3-2 on aggregate and Griezmann starred because he managed to buy Atleti's two goals against Barcelona. In addition, Atletico Madrid also managed to get rid of Barcelona in the same round two seasons ago. Atletico Madrid got rid of Barcelona in the last 8 of UCL 13/14 with an aggregate 2-1.Bayern Munich And the last club that can get rid of Barcelona in the Champions League in the last 6 seasons, and not another is Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich is a club from Munich and the strongest club in Germany. The second meeting of the club took place 6 seasons ago, the 12/13 season, when Bayern Munich came out to become champions. The defeat of Barcelona is also the most painful defeat. Because Barcelona lost by being slaughtered by Bayern Munich. The meeting between the two clubs took place in the semifinal. The 1st leg is held at the Allianz Arena. Bayern, who at that time became the host immediately step on the gas. They managed to beat Barcelona 4 - 0 at home. Barcelona are under pressure and must be able to turn things around in their cage, Camp Nou. The 2nd leg is held at Camp Nou. Barcelona, ​​which should try to turn things around, are being humiliated again. 2nd leg ends with Bayern 3-0 victory over Barcelona. With that, Bayern Munich qualified for the final with a 7-0 aggregate.

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