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Atlanta United v Colorado Rapids - MLS
The upcoming match in the MLS, which will take place on April 28th will serve us with an h2h fixture between two of the worst teams in the MLS this season; Atlanta United and Colorado Rapids, which could potentially be the first win for Rapids. There is not a lot of positive things to say about Atlanta United this season. It's not only the fact that they are the 2nd worst team in the league, it's also the fact that they went from the best team in the league to the worst one in a span of a couple of months. All in all, it's safe to say the new coach De Boer isn't enjoying his time at the club, and neither do the players, who only managed to win once, drew two and lost the remaining three matches in the 6 rounds of 2019 MLS season. If we scrape the bottom of the barrel of compliments, Atlanta does deserve some praise for their performance against New England, which they won 2:0. United played well overall and deservingly got themselves their first 3 points of the season. However, United failed to build on that performance and lost the next match against Dallas (1:2) last weekend. Still, there is some hope for the former champions to find their rhythm and start winning, and what better chance to do so that against Colorado Rapids, who are the only team that have not yet won a match. Colorado Rapids will come into the next fixture as the worst team in the league, with a terrible record of 0-2-6 and 5 games losing streak behind them. While it's not as shocking to see Colorado at the bottom of the league as it was to see Atlanta United failing to impress in the opening matches, there are still some issues Colorado needs to address going forward. The fact that they haven't won a match yet is worrying, and what is even more worrying is that they need to face off against Atlanta on the weekend, who do possess a team that could turn their 5 games losing streak into 6. Looking back at their last 5 fixtures, Rapids lost to FC Dallas (2:1), Houston Dynamo (1:4), Orlando City (4:3), DC United (2:3) and Chicago Fire (4:1). We did not praise Atlanta too much, which should not come off as a surprise after their start of the season, however, there were some bright spots in their performances. Atlanta United performed well against New England, and while they did end up losing to FC Dallas, we could argue Atlanta played better. They created a lot of chances, however, failed to convert them efficiently. Nonetheless, they deserve some praise for creating that many opportunities against Dallas, who are one of the best defensive teams. While we saw Atlanta improving, Colorado Rapids aren’t. In fact, they seem to get worse. Their biggest issue is the defence, which conceded 23 goals in 8 games, far more than any other team in the MLS. This will could prove to be a huge issue going against Atlanta United, who looked promising in the offensive end last weekend. All in all, this one is bound to be a high scoring match, with Atlanta finishing on top. I would not be surprised if they alone score 3 goals. Maybe we even get to see Rapids squeeze in one goal, just for a good measure. Prediction: Atlanta -1.50 Asian Handicap