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It Happened Again. They keep Rewriting History.
Source Another night not to forget in the history of the UEFA champions league as Liverpool showed strength and power at home soil to advance to the finals. Barcelona who initially won the Merseyside reds 3-0 at camp Nou journeyed to Anfield (England) to complete their one way ticket into the finals but the story just turned around. Unfortunately, the result didn't come in handy. Without their talisman (Salah) and (Firmino) who were knocked into injury during an EPL game, the squad still proved their worth. it was all about the team spirit within. The Egyptian star had his shirt with the inscription "never give up". As he sits with his wife, he relatively prays every minute the camera captures him. That became an extra back bone to the team. source The first two goals for the Reds came from possessional errors. Origi opened the scored board with a rebound tap in after Henderson had struggled past two Catalan defenders and whipped in a low left footed shot that was earlier stopped by Stegen. Half time ended just in a 1-0 advantage for the Reds. Wijnaldum came with the second goal from a deflected cross just after the ball was retrieved from Alba. Momentum kept rising for the home team for a comeback. Shaqiri then gave in a superb cross just to find Wijnaldum again but this time in a header position. Ter Stegen was left with no option as the header floats high into the top corner net and the comeback was complete. I thought it was all over until Anorld came in with a brilliant assist from a fast corner kick. Origi who was in position took in the chance as he made the game 4-3 with just eleven minutes to full time. OH MY WORD!!!! I'm still yet to digest the whole event. That was the beauty of the champions league right before us. The Reds became the third team in history to write off a 3-0 loss and advance to the next stage of the UCL/European league. source Milner broke down in joyful tears after the game. Jurgen Klopp was not able to catch his breath. I was shouting and banging my head till I passed out. The joy and fruitfulness of soccer can make you do crazy things. My heartwarming condolences to the Barcelona fan out there. Now you'll know what I felt when the team knocked Manchester United out in the quarter-finals. Its all about the game, let's enjoy. Source Comebacks has become a trend in the champions league looking from Barcelona 6-1 against PSG after a 4-0 win by PSG in 2016/17, Roma 3-0 win over Barcelona after a first leg 4-1 win by the Catalan team in 2017/18. Manchester united also did same with PSG in the Round of 16 of 2018/19 campaign after a 2-0 loss at home, coming back to win 3-1 away at Paris. Here comes Liverpool with another dramatic comeback as they overturn a 3-0 away loss to win 4-0 at home. The moment bought them a ticket to the finals. After surrendering to Real Madrid in their last season 2017/18 finals campaign, they are back with the struggle to face whosoever wins between Ajax and Tottenham. I am sincerely having the feeling that this year European cup finals would be an English one. Can Tottenham pull this one tonight? Fasten your seat belt as we wait to enjoy. Thanks For Reading...