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Happy Moan Day - Appeal Gone Wrong.
Source Who wouldn't want to continue the beautiful journey of playing in the Copa del Rey? Levante seems to have taken the wrong route trying to find a spot in the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey after losing 4-2 on aggregate to the beautiful Barcelona team. This is a Happy Moan Day contest organised by one of our own, Pete. Hit the Link to get started. The Catalan giant lost the first leg of the cup competition 2-1 with the teams favourite men(Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Rakitic and host of others) absent in the game. Levante hastened and utilized every golden opportunity to secure a win, scoring in the early minutes of the game. Cabaco opened the scoreline just 8 minutes into the first half while Mayoral made it two for the home team. Barcelona Philippe Coutinho had to drive home a penalty from its spot kick thereby reducing the deficit by one goal. Although, the result gave the Valencia based club the confidence of qualifying for the quarter finals without an inkling of what Ernesto Valverde and his army had in store for them. Source (Chumi against Levante) First Leg. The second leg of the Copa del Rey at Camp Nou on Thursday saw the Catalan giant smash their visitors 3 goals to nil. The effect of the Argentine superstar was felt as he recorded one goal to his name and indirectly played a role in the other two goals by Ousmane Dembele. However, speaking prior to kick off on Thursday, Levante president Quico Catalan had stated his club's intention to lodge a complaint to the Royal Spanish Football Federation, reportedly over Chumi's involvement in the first encounter. Quico confirmed making a legal case out of the matter, regardless of whether they qualify or not. His statement, "There will be a complaint if we do not qualify. And if we do, there will be a report to the federation to explain what has happened". Source (Messi against Levante) Second Leg. Its obvious that he wished for his team to hold on to their 2-1 advantage and secure a ticket to the quarterfinals. Then after some reasonable thoughts, he decided to lodge a complain about Barcelona fielding an ineligible player, Juan Brandariz Movilla, Chumi, a team B defender who was suspended after accumulating five yellow card bookings in the Segunda Division B. However, the appeal was irrelevant since the Team B player was suspended in the local league which is only relevant to LA LIGA matches, rather than cup competitions. However, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rejected the appeal, finding Chumi was suspended for the league not the Cup. Moreover, the complain was filed in late by the proposing club, Levante. They've decided to take their appeal to the court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) since their initial move was rejected. Thanks For Reading...