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I Stand With Philippe Coutinho
Ordinarily, we live in a world where you're appreciated and accommodated when you're living up to expectations or making giant strides in any endeavour you find yourself. The world repels and casts aspersions on many who are unable to deliver or make impacts as expected. The individual becomes a subject of criticism and a victim of vitriolic jeers. Source Not so many will care about the reasons for your setbacks or little hiccups, no matter how reasonable these may be. All people need is result and that's why most times, don't bother trying to explain. Go against the odds, beat the waves and produce the results. It's just the only way to silence your detractors and convert them to your fans(not friends). That has been the Career cycle of Philippe Coutinho since arriving at Camp Nou. The Brazilian has witnessed one of his toughest moments in Spain, and has gotten used to abuses from the Catalan fans. In fact, his abusers started from Anfield when he forced his way to Spain in order to take his career to the next level. Liverpool fans couldn't control their rage towards the young man, and spared no words in pelting angry remarks at him. I have watched Coutinho struggle to find stamina under his new manager and blend into the Barcelona team that has Lionel Messi as god. How does he survive such intimidating atmosphere? He is currently the most expensive player in Barcelona (I stand to be corrected) and maybe that's why the fans keep coming down hard on him to up his game and enhance his performance. With Dembele almost being preferred by Valverde ahead of the Brazilian, many thought Coutinho was a total waste of money and should be auctioned to another club. Yeah, the goals hasn't been coming as many expected and trust me, it's not been easy trying to find form. When playing for a team like Barcelona or Real Madrid, you're either at your peak or you lose your place in the team. I think Ernesto Valverde has shown that there is more to gain from Philippe Coutinho if we all get patient with him, and of course, the Barcelona boss has continued to feature his most expensive player in order to help him pick form. I have watched his past few matches and I can tell you that the Brazilian is about to become the next big thing at the Camp Nou. Though he hasn't gotten to his sparkling prime as he was then at Liverpool, and has only managed to score 5 goals and create 2 assists in the League so far this season. The 26 year old is unfazed by the booing from his own fans and has rather decided to hold his peace. For me, I wouldn't say Philippe Coutinho is totally making no impact, I love what he does at the left flank. Just that Messi is always there to steal the show. But something happened during Barcelona's champions league second leg encounter at the camp Nou. The Brazilian gave the media something to feed on after staging a rather weird celebration. He had sent a jawbreaking curling shot past DeGea, his perfect position. It was his goal that completed the 3-0 pummeling of Manchester United and it was enough to put the game beyond the reach of their visitors. But instead of Philippe to celebrate his goal as usual, the 26 year old rather decided to put his fingers in his ears. Many feel it was an act of defiance directed to his own fans who have been booing him for a long time now. He has endured a long season of no appreciation but criticism since arrival at the camp Nou. I for once didn't see anything wrong in his manner of celebration. If he decides not to hear the same people who have failed to be patient with him, what's the big deal there. Many have said that his celebration is disrespectful to Barcelona fans, however, the Brazilian has taken up to his IG page to say he doesn't disrespect people. “We should never listen to the people who can demotivate us, because their speeches only deviate us from the true focus we should have, Never in my life (have) I disrespected anyone, inside or out of football.” He said on IG. For me, I really see no reason why this is generating so much heat in the media. If he has decided to use his goal celebration to criticise those who doesn't believe in him, heaven should not all. Barcelona's coach Ernesto Valverde has also lend his voice to his player and has made his feelings known. "The players feed on sensations just like everyone else," Valverde told a news conference ahead of Barca's La Liga clash with Real Sociedad. In regard to criticism, we are in the world of football and subject to continuous criticism. And you always have to face [the critics]. Coutinho is the same as everyone. I have not talked with him. He made a gesture. What surprises me is that they talk more about the gesture than the goal. I did not find anything special and I did not think it was disrespectful to anyone. We give a lot of hype to anecdotal things. Coutinho has had a year in which he has suffered criticism, but the important thing is that he played a match that I am happy with." The Coach is impressed by the performance of the player and I think he knows these players better. I think Barcelona fans need to show their most expensive player some little affection and help him find his confidence in his new home, instead of expecting heaven and earth from the young man. He is currently under pressure and I hope he continues in that light. Humbling Liverpool will be his next mission, and trust me, that day will rain blood. What's your take on this?