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The Irreplaceable Living Legend
When you talk about replacing someone, this involves embarking on the tasks they once delivered. In that case, you either have to do more, less or at the level the predecessor worked at. In the case of a certain Portuguese, words cannot express how apparently irreplaceable this man is and if we are to go too extreme, the world is likely to end with his legacy unrivalled. Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is the man. A Madeira born, diagnosed with a heart problem at 15 and underwent surgery for it. Would later join Sporting CP where his amateur tricks caught the attention of then Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson who recruited the youngster and moulded him into a better footballer. Ronaldo would shoot to kill at any cost for Manchester United in the six years he spent at the team but he would not only shoot for his next team after that, Real Madrid, he also caught grenades for them. This was how superhuman and heroic Ronaldo was for the whites. In 2009 after lifting the Uefa Champions League with Manchester United, Cristiano would go on to further his football career at Spain with Real Madrid. He spent nine, good, solid years at the Spanish club and made sure he left a seemingly ineradicable status that no one can think of getting close to not to mention, eradicating. There is one special thing about this Portuguese legend. His drive, ambition and determination is seemingly incomparable. To Ronaldo, losing is not an option and he made sure to push himself so hard that he got better as he aged while others get weaker. Real Madrid has managed to recruit 28 year old Eden Hazard, the only player the fans think would at least take their minds off Ronaldo for some time and we all know Hazard won’t do close to what Ronaldo did for Real considering his age. Vinicius, Jovic or Rodrygo? Time will tell but one thing is certain, I am yet to see a football player with the spirit of Cristiano Ronaldo. THANKS FOR READING..