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Napoli vs Bologna 3-2: Analysis Match
The Napoli today at 18:00 faced the Bologna, a team of a lower middle class, who did a good game and surrendered only to a goal in the final by Mertens. Final result 3-2. At Napoli comes a daring Bologna that despite the low position in the Serie A, start the race very well attacking and pressing high. The Napoli, however, soon after finds the advantage thanks to the goal of Milik, who after several rebounds in the penalty area, with a flicker from pure striker marks the goal of the advantage. The Bologna keeps the pressure high and on a free kick action finds the draw thanks to a deflection of the head of a bruised Santander. The first half ends in a balanced 1-1. The Napoli, due to the results of the day of the opponents Juventus and Inter both come out winners in their respective challenges, is forced to win to keep the distances unchanged. The second half began with a Napoli that was immediately more offensive and immediately found the advantage for the second time, thanks to the umpteenth lethal Milik. From this moment on Bologna seems to be on the ropes, with a Napoli that controls the midfield and continues to attack especially after the entry into the field by the Spanish Fabian Ruiz. Once again, as often happens to Ancelotti's team, there seems to be yet another cold shower: on a corner kick to detach this time is Danilo who pierces an innocent Meret. On 2-2 Ancelotti inserted Ounas for a super offensive Napoli that tried everything for everything. To be honest, the attacks of Napoli despite the huge amount of attackers and offensive midfielders in the field - at least six between Milik, Mertens, Callejon, Ruiz, Zielinski, and Ounas - seem ineffective. And it is precisely at 88' that Mertens chases the rabbit from the cylinder finding a very angled shot from outside the area that marks a non-impeccable Skorupski. In the end, Napoli got the better of a very tough Bologna, author of a prestigious performance and remained in the wake of Juventus, keeping Inter at a distance and closing this round with 14 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses and 44 points in the standings. JOIN CRYPTO RESISTANCE We have created a Discord channel where we share our ideas to improve the experience on Scorum and where we will do a curation program. We are already over 170 members. If you want to enter this is the link:

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