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HAPPY MOAN DAY - CSKA Moscow Tilled The Rocky Field, Yet Reaped Ashes.
Source The UEFA champions league group stage match which was just concluded saw CSKA Moscow fall off the title contenders in the group stage of the game. In group G were Real Madrid, Roma, Plzen and CSKA Moscow respectively after matchday 6. This is a Happy moan day organised by @pete on a weekly basis. Do well to get your self inline. Source During the group stage matches, the Russian club picked 7 points from 6 games; 2 wins, a draw and 3 losses. They stood against all odds and secured 2wins(6points) from the Spanish giant, Real Madrid. As known by most, the Galacticos has successfully won the Uefa Champions league 3 consecutive times; 2016, 2017, 2018 with coach Zinadine Zidane. The Krasno-sinie found their innermost strength against the UCL defending champs, winning them both on home ground and away basis, securing 6 points, yet they couldn't just make it out of the group stage but were trashed at the bottom of the group. Winning the Real Madrid was a thing on its own and winning both matched with a clean sheet is another concept. First leg ended in a 1-0 victory in VEB Arena Luzhniki Stadium while the second leg saw Real Madrid beaten down by 3 goals to nil at the Santiago Bernabéu. The Red-blues began the UEFA champions league campaign with a solid stand after their first two matches against Viktoria plzeñ and Real Madrid which needed in a 2-2 draw and 1-0 win respectively in favour of CSKA. Hopes were high in the competition until Roma shattered their virtuous desire for future good. They lost every other games till the matchday 6 where they faced the Galacticos at the Santiago Bernabéu and secured another victory but it was just too late for their redemption. The group stage exit was a sure outcome for them. Heading to the Europa league was no option for them since Plzen edged out Roma 2-1 in the Czech Republic to render the Red-Blues famous victory ultimately meaningless, despite inflicting the heaviest ever European home loss on the record 13-time champions Coach Viktor Goncharenko told the media, they've got themselves to blame for the exit but in any case, they'll make sure to spend the holiday in a great mood after the win. An encouragement word. You Can't change the direction of the wind but you can adjust the sails to reach your desirous destination(Anonymous) Thanks For Reading...