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Chelsea FC: how to waste the best players in the Premier League (Part I)
Source Since the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in 2003, the English club began his football rise that led him to become a big club in the Premier League and throughout Europe. Thanks to the 'petrodollars', Chelsea managed to incorporate some of the best players in the world and thanks to which they have obtained the trophies that today boast in their record and that status of club reference. After reaching the historic goal of winning the Premier League under the command of José Mourinho (two consecutive times, by the way), Chelsea added to its list of objectives to form one of the most powerful quarry in the world, without forgetting its philosophy of signings millionaires Since then the team 'blue' has focused on the incorporation of young talents from all over the world who are called to be the stars of the future. His strategy during the last decade has been to capture these young promises, give them to clubs with which they have agreements to be trained and then return and be part of the first team. At least that was the theory. The truth is that something in that Chelsea plan has failed catastrophically, because during the last few years the English club has been characterized by wasting and letting out those who are today some of the best players in the Premier League. We will see some of these examples and try to understand why the disastrous management of the Chelsea quarry. Romelu Lukaku. Source We have all been listening to Romelu Lukaku since he was a teenager and broke all the records of precocity in Anderlecht. From that moment he was seen as the next best striker in the world and absolutely all the big clubs in Europe wished to hire him. Finally it was Chelsea who paid 20 million euros to finalize the signing of the young Belgian jewel. Lukaku debuted in that 2011-2012 season where he barely played a leading role due to his young age. So Chelsea looked for an assignment in a Premier League club so he could adapt to English football and then return to be the striker the team so badly needed. In that 2012-2013 season Lukaku was loaned to the modest West Bromwich Albion where he had a simply fantastic season. In 35 games he managed to score an impressive 17 goals, becoming one of the top scorers in the Premier League that season. The Lukaku thing that year was brutal, because he had to carry only the offensive weight of the team, but he did not care. Romelu only knew how to score. It was clear that, after his successful assignment, Lukaku would return to Chelsea. And so it was, the Belgian seemed to be the starting striker for José Mourinho in his new stage at the head of the 'blues'. However, Lukaku failed the fifth and decisive penalty in the penalty shoot-out of the European Super Cup, giving the title to Bayern Münich Pep Guardiola. One could notice Mourinho's obvious anger with the Belgian, so he decided to face the season as Fernando Torres, Demba Ba and Samuel Eto'o as strikers in order not to see Lukaku again at Chelsea that season. That was how he completed his assignment to Everton in the 2013-2014 season, where he again had spectacular goalscorers, but it was clear that while José Mourinho was on the bench of Chelsea, Lukaku would not return to Stamford Bridge. So Chelsea negotiated his transfer to Everton for 35 million euros. Again, Chelsea had made significant gains from the sale of Lukaku, but they lost a striker with more than 15 goals for years. In the Everton the Belgian swelled to goals during the following three seasons and was consecrated as one of the most lethal and effective strikers of the entire Premier League; while Chelsea spent millions trying to get a '9' consistent and guarantees. Finally Lukaku was transferred to Manchester United in exchange for 85 million euros as an express request of ... José Mourinho. Ironies of life. Chelsea could have saved 55 million euros in Diego Costa and 80 million euros in Morata had not given Romelu Lukaku, who could be the Chelsea forward present and future. Kevin de Bruyne. Source Talking about Kevin De Bruyne, is talking about the most important player in Manchester City. But if we go back to 2012 we find that Chelsea was the first big club that gave young De Bruyne a chance. After being one of the responsible ones that the Genk obtained the title of league in Belgium, the 31 of January of 2012 the Chelsea paid 8 million Euros to incorporate to De Bruyne at the end of the season. The Belgian went through his respective assignment process so that he could have continuous activity and not stop his progression. In this way he was transferred to Werder Bremen in the 2012-2013 season, where he achieved a more than outstanding performance by scoring more than 10 goals and sharing 9 assists in a half-table club in Germany. At the end of his assignment he returned to Chelsea for the 2013-2014 season, where he played his only 9 official matches with the club. However, he found that despite having performed well with Werder Bremen, he did not have a place in the first team due to the recent signings of Andre Schürrle (22 million euros) and Willian (35 million euros). euros). It was ceded to Wolfsburg who then bought it that same season for 21 million euros. At first glance the Chelsea had obtained an important economic profit thanks to a player with which they did not count. "What did they want me to do? I had the feeling that I was never going to play." - Kevin de Bruyne But it turns out that in 2014-2015, his first season after leaving Chelsea, Kevin de Bruyne exploited his full potential. He led the Wolfsburg in a magnificent season where they managed to fight for the title and won the UEFA Champions League. De Bruyne had a simply devastating season in Germany, where he was named best player in the Bundesliga, in addition to being the maximum assisted of that season. As a result all the big clubs in Europe were fighting the signing of the young Belgian, until finally it was Manchester City who put the astronomical figure of 74 million euros to take the feeling of the moment. The rest is history. De Bruyne has established himself as one of the best players in the world, proving that he is worth every one of the millions who paid for him and making Chelsea regret every day for having let go a player as brilliant as him. To be continue...